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    Be sure to check the nutrition panel on tubes of frozen turkey for fat content. It usually contains a lot of ground up skin with the meat. I didn’t know Aldi’s carried it. I LOVE Aldi’s. They carry organic now too! I got canned organic tomatoes for $1.49. That’s cheaper than most regular brands of non-organic!
    I use meat more as a flavoring. Never use a whole pound. I will buy 5lbs on sale and divide it into 7 or 8 packets to freeze. Then I just add a can of beans or chopped spinach or handful of rice to stretch the recipies.

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    This sounds like a Thai peanut sauce! I usually make mine from a mix but Im going to try this. Its good with a can of black beans added and served over rice. (add cubed chicken and a splash of lime if you’ve got it).

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    Ive made something very similar but I used Goya Black Bean Soup. Don’t know why they call it ‘soup’. It basically seasoned black beans but it is yummy! You don’t have to season it at all. Ive just heated and served it over plain rice – still lots of flavor. Sometimes stores have it in the Mex food section, or the Soup section or the canned beans section. Its worth looking for.

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    This was awesome!!! Even my picky – I don’t eat veggies – husband liked it. And the tomatoes kept us from getting gassy.

    It is very mild so I did add a splash of worchesteshire sauce and a sprinkle of Old Bay but other than that it was yummy. My 12 yr old granddaughter even liked it!

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    Left overs don’t have to mean reheated bo-o-oring. When raising my boys I remember I cooked a huge pot of beans with a ham hock. After 2 nights of that I turned what was left into chili by adding hamburger, tomatoes and spices.

    After two nights of that, we had chili hot dogs, and finally I used the little bit left to make pizzas on a bun – spread spoonful chili on left over hotdog bun halves, sprinkled with ital. seasoning and a slice of cheese. Almost a whole week with one pot of beans.

    But that was when they were little. It would have only lasted 2 nights when they were teens.

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    My mom used to make corn fritters too. She used a can of creamed corn and added enough flour to make a thick paste, then dropped it by spoonfulls into hot oil. She also made her own ‘maple’ syrup for them.

    She added a few drops of maple extract to Karo syrup.

    One of my fav meals was 2 boxes of Mac n cheese made as directed, with a can of mushroom soup and a can of tuna added. I still make it for all of my grandkids – even my picky hubby likes it.
    Once I thought my mom was giving me a big treat but now I realize it was all she had when she made popcorn for me for dinner & even let me eat in the living room and watch TV!
    My grandma used to make milk toast which I remember being actually good. Butter a piece of dark toast and sprinkle it with a tinsy bit of sugar.

    Put in a plate with a high lip or a shallow bowl and pour hot milk just to cover. (toasting the bread until its a dark golden gives it a great flavor).
    She would also make what she called ‘tea kettle’ tea if she didn’t have any sassafras or Constant Comment. It was hot water with milk and sugar.

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