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    That’s a problem here, too; we’re having the worst flea infestation in decades. In desparation i checked eBay; there are a few sellers who sell the Advantage and Frontline in ‘kits’; In it are 3 vials of the stuff for the largest dog; it’s good for both cats and dogs; read that a nonessential ingredient in cat’s formula is higher than in dogs. The liquid, which we’d dot on the back of our pets, is applied at a rate smaller than the vials; info is available per seller. Here’s where i got my 1st batch which is in the mail now: FRONTLINE PLUS FLEA CONTROL FOR DOGS & CATS – LARGE KIT – eBay . The seller sells both brands altho that pg only lists Frontline. Read what the sellers do to re-portion the dosage amounts and how much their kit(s) would save you. Don’t just look in one spot; research to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere… then let us know :o) HTH

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    The cost of using the dryer here is high IMO so i find ways to use it as little as possible.

    For towels, rather than dry them in the dryer, they’re hung on an indoor clothes line i made from 18-20 gauge metal wire that’s wrapped around ‘eye’ hooks or screws; you might need a ‘molly’ bolt or similar something to keep the screw/thingies in. They’re screwed into the ceiling at either end of the room. Here there’s room for two lines.

    Newly washed towels are hung up to dry either on the indoor line or wooden foldable dryer that ‘sits’ on the floor. A fan is used to circulate the air, cuts drying time and lessens chance of mal-odors. When it rains or is very humid, i wait for better weather.

    No more than 5 or 6 towels are ever drying at the same time; windows ‘n doors are open for cross ventilation.

    What works for me: buying thinner towels; the ones for $1.75 at WalMart are what’s used now; found the thick ones take forever to dry and can mildew on the towel rack so they’re no longer purchased.

    After shower, towels are hung up vertically upon the shower curtain rod on hangers. Used to use clothes pins but have found the plastic hangers used at WalMart for slacks. Slacks’ hangers have little ‘pinchers’ (for want of a better word) that ‘grab’ onto the towel edges.

    After shower, a small 8″ box fan is turned on low to dry the towels faster. When the weather is amenable, the windows are kept open.

    Things like sweaters are laid across the top of the wooden-doweled floor-based foldable clothes dryer. If you need to dry several sweaters use what works for you; only one or so are dried here at any one time. An 8 inch box fan on the counter is sufficient to keep the air moving here but if you have more than a load or two of clothes to dry you might want to try a larger or higher-wattaged fan; to save on electricity, the fan is kept on low.

    Since i’ve not yet found a better more convenient way, sheets are dried, one at a time, in the dryer; it takes 5-10 min per sheet here which is cheaper than drying them all at the same time. Had to stop hanging clothes to dry outdoors b/c of ‘allergies’.

    Shirts, slacks, dresses, skirts, are tumbled about 5 min. to get the wrinkles out then hung up on hangers on the indoor line. All this saves me about $10/mo; it all adds up you know :o)

    To save on detergent and fabric softener, i use borax, baking soda and vinegar; measurements are ‘eye balled’ or about 1/2 cup ea, give ‘r take. For really dirty clothes, washing soda is also added–can only find it here in Oxy-clean (sp). Vinegar helps both w/washing and rinse.

    In the rinse water it softens your clothes and ‘cuts’ soap.

    HTH, yiC

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    One place i like is Mountain Rose Herbs w/Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils. I like their products.

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