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    I remember an old Heloise hint about running a cup of bleach through your empty dishwasher to clean it.

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    And if you remember to chill it thoroughly no one will ever know your secret! 🙂

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    This is my Mom’s recipe. Some things you just don’t mess with! 🙂

    Stuffed Cabbage

    1 lb. beef, ground
    1/2 cup rice, uncooked
    1/2 onion, small, grated
    1 tsp. parsley
    salt & pepper
    8 oz.

    tomato sauce (use two 8 oz. or one 15 oz. can if you prefer more sauce)
    10-1/4 oz.

    tomato soup, canned
    1 bay leaf
    12 cabbage leaves (the larger outer leaves)

    Cook rice. Mix meat, rice, a little tomato sauce, salt, pepper, onion, and parsley. Boil cabbage in salted, boiling water till pliable (3-5 minutes).

    Trim off the excess “stem” part of the leaf. Wrap about 1/4 cup meat mixture in each cabbage leaf. Place in casserole dish.

    Heat remaining tomato sauce, soup, and bay leaf in pan. Pour over cabbage rolls in casserole. Cover loosely with foil.

    Bake at 350° at least one hour. Serve with mashed potatoes.

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    Maybe this isn’t the most healthy way to cook, but it’s the way my Grandmother cooked all her life and she lived to be 96!

    showered with love

    in reply to: Yule/CHRISTMAS Cinnamon Ornaments #428827

    I made these once, a long time ago when my children were much younger! My recipe didn’t call for the glue or extra spices other than cinnamon. The scent lasted for the entire holiday season, too.

    I should try these again this year with my grandchildren. showered with love

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    We used to have a Kroger’s, but they left this state about 30 years ago! I still miss them. Of course, I’m sure they have changed a bunch since I last was in one! Nostalgia does have a way of making things seem better than they really were!

    I don’t have a plan quite like yours, but I do have a list to help me come up with daily menus when I draw a blank! I made a list of all the entrees I have made or plan to make for my family. I broke that down into sub-categories as follows: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Casseroles. Then I further broke it down by separating recipes calling for cooked meat (Beef, Cooked Beef; Chicken, Cooked Chicken, etc.). Then there arethe Soups, Side Dishes, Starches (potatoes, rice, barley, pasta, etc.), Vegetables, Salads, and of course Desserts! I also sub-divided ethnic foods such as Italian and Mexican (family favorites). This works out really well for me, especially when I am at a loss as to what to make for dinner! I just check to see what I have on hand, then I check my list to see what my options are! It has been a really big help for me, and it has also kept me from getting into a “rut” with dinner menus! 🙂

    in reply to: No-Roll Sugar Cookies #427454

    LOL! My “wee one” is 24 years old and buys her own cookies! Personally, I don’t care for those bought cookies.

    But I think I will have to try your recipe because I do enjoy sugar cookies but only have recipes for the rolled kind. Thanks anyway! 🙂

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    Are these anything like the ones you can get at Sams or Walmart, with the icing and sprinkles? My daughter loves them and I have been wanting to make some for her. The last ones I tried weren’t so good.

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    I don’t can much so I have to ask: What kind of vinegar? White, cider, flavored???

    in reply to: Getting into December #426628

    I bake when I have the time, too. Problem is that I rarely have the time I would like to have to bake! I think I will ignore the housework one day next week and spend the day baking bread.

    in reply to: Out of the mouths of babes #426616

    That’s cute. I remember my mom telling me to “behave” and I answered her and said, “I am ‘having!”

    in reply to: For "tightwad" eyes only lol #426275

    I went to my library and found 2 of the books (I & iii) but they didn’t have book ii. it made for some very educational reading. it was also fun to find that there are cheaper people than me in the world!


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    My mom used to make these when I was a kid! My hubby laughs at me for eating mine with ketchup. I’m glad I’m not the only one. We never had salsa when I was growing up; I’ll have to try that next time I make these. Thanks for the reminder, and the memory!

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    Well, that explains it!

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