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    @rjepayne 1074189 wrote:

    List of ingredients is too vague. There are lots of brands of blue mouthwash, all with different chemicals in them. Which one?

    Big bottle isn’t specific enough. How many ounces?

    Where does a non-drinker get stale beer? I didn’t even know beer could become stale!!

    LOL, you’re really Overthinking the whole thing. 1.5L bottle of cheap blue minty mouthwash, like a bottle of equate brand (walmart brand). Open any cheap beer, like budweiser or natural lite and let them set half an hour= instant stale beer.

    The point of stale beer is so that they don’t foam when you’re mixing them up.

    This works a treat, I’ve used it for years. Use what you have & mix that shit up.

    in reply to: Honey-Mustard Chicken II #463663

    That’s a wonderful recipe Mos, we LOVE honey Dijon Chicken!

    If you like garlic, you can add
    3 cloves garlic, minced
    1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
    1/2 teaspoon dried basil

    Add it with the honey and mix it in well. If you’re in a hurry or forgot to set the crockpot you can also do this in the pressure cooker. (Personally for this one, I prefer the crockpot.)

    I don’t if everyone else knows this (I literally just learned a couple months ago!!), but most slow cooker pots can be transferred to the oven, so once your dish is done cooking, if you want to caramelize or brown the top just prior to serving, you can pop the (ceramic part) uncovered, into a 400F oven for a few minutes while you prepare the sides, make the salad, etc.

    in reply to: Zucchini Baba Ganoush #463652

    Thank you for sharing this one Mos, it sounds so awesome!! I cannot wait for my zucchini to be big enough to pick. This time of year is so hard.. lol, garden is in, just waiting for the goodies to appear.


    An alternative idea would be to make your own stencil of whatever you want the balls to say and then use permanent non-toxic Paint Markers like these.

    I make stencils using “Contact” paper- it’s a heavy duty tacky(sticky) paper that adheres to surfaces, this would ensure that the stencil sticks to the ball allowing a bleed-free layer.

    (This is what the contact paper looks like)


    @alppdcjr12 1073130 wrote:

    Thanks for the reply! That sounds like a good option because people keep recommending it to me. Do you know if Mod Podge would need to be applied to the entire ball or just to the part with the label? I.e., is there a visible seam that would be easily picked off by little fingers?


    on a ball you’d probably need to apply it at least an inch around the item you’re decoupaging to the ball. Let it dry, then spray the entire ball with a clear varnish to seal it. They’ll need to be set on a surface to make them easier to handle, I’d flip an egg carton upside down, this will allow the air to circulate around them so they dry faster. Once they’re sealed it shouldn’t be an issue. They’ll be waterproof and (mostly) pick-proof.


    @alppdcjr12 1073029 wrote:

    Hey readers,

    My first post here. Thank you for your time. I’m looking everywhere I can for a solution to this problem:

    I have been using transparent tape to attach common words to ball-pit balls and using them in classroom games for my kindergarten kids who are learning English as a second language.

    Now I’m looking for a way to cover the balls with a transparent layer in order to make them more professional looking, possibly to try and market them to other ESL teachers. Not making a business or anything, just kinda for fun.

    Does anyone know what I could use for that?

    I thought about wax, but it would rub off. I thought about maybe some sort of acrylic glaze? I’m teaching in South Korea so researching products is kind of hard.

    Also, of course, whatever I use has to be completely non-toxic and approved for children.

    If anyone has any idea for how to accomplish this, please let me know! Thanks!


    My first thought was to use modge podge, but I don’t know if that’s available overseas. Once it dries it would be safe for kids to touch.

    in reply to: Morphine Bomb- Natural Pain Relief #463608

    @coffee24973 1071787 wrote:

    My daughter is allergic to aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve and such, would this be safe for her?

    There’s no way of knowing that given her sensitivity to so many medications- your best bet would be to seek out a naturopathic dr and ask them.

    in reply to: Canning #463600

    @ladyking4554 683499 wrote:

    Does anyone have any ideas where a beginner canner can begin doing more research? I’m very interested in doing this, but I don’t know the terminology of canning and since I’m staying at home now, I’d like to do this and learn all sorts of different ways and different recipes of canning. Even maybe making homemade wine when I master canning. Gotta start somewhere and I do find deals alot, I just don’t like fruits and veggies going bad. We are doing compost and indoor gardening as well as freezing some stuff, but it seems like there is so much information, especially freezing, that I’m not sure where to begin. All this stuff is new to me and I’d like to bake bread, can, etc. Thanks guys

    The best place to start for canning basics is here:

    in reply to: An Important Topic? Canning-Food Preservation #463599

    @sandys7118 1072780 wrote:

    I am surprised I don’t see a Canning and Food Preservation Topic. Did I miss something?

    Hi there Sandy! Welcome to the site. Currently there are several areas that deal with canning and food preservation here on the site.

    There are Canning, Dehydrating/Drying Articles here:

    as well as within the Jar & Kitchen Gifts Forum

    Discussions for Canning & Preserving are best held in the Homesteading forum:

    Have a great day!

    in reply to: fence #463596

    Add an extension to the top of the fence tilting inward at a 45 degree angle. You can use a roll of galvanized steel chain link fabric, it runs about $85 at Home depot. (see it here)

    It would look kind of like this:

    If you’re super broke and just want to teach the dog to stay in his own yard, you could use PVC for extensions and create the inward 45 degree angle using snow fencing (or barrier fencing)

    alternatively, you could get a dog training zap collar and give him a little correction every time he starts to jump the fence. It doesn’t take long for them to learn to correct their behavior. They run about $40, a lot cheaper and less labor than installing another fence.

    in reply to: FREE National Park Admission Today #463592

    the next one comes up in April

    in reply to: Coupon Classes #463590

    @Annamd6223 1072580 wrote:

    Are couponing classes ever held?

    No, there is a section about coupons, sorting them, where to find them, etc here:

    in reply to: Free Lancome La Base Pro Primer & Foundation Samples at Ulta #463572

    *Bump* Just a quick note, this offer is still available if you happened to have missed it the first time around. It won’t last much longer, so get it while you can!


    in reply to: Use Soap to get Rid of Deer & Rabbits! #463554

    @John123john 1071663 wrote:

    Can i use this soap with repellents for double effect? Or better to use one of these methods?

    Yes, you can certainly use this soap with any of the repellents listed on that page, thank you for linking to the recipes within our site John. We’ve found that recipe #4 on that page works the best in conjunction with the soap idea for shrubbery.

    in reply to: Tender Pop Pork Roast #463533

    @dezertbloom90 1071298 wrote:

    “For those of us that do not like Mushrooms what can be used in place of the Mushroom soup?”

    Cream of Celery or use the homemade cream of anything soup and add extra onions

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