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    After looking at the Sweet Scoop web site and only seeing that special packages have coupons I called them. I told a nice lady that we shop in 2 stores and can never find the special packages. I then asked her if any were available for pet owners (and not professional breeders).

    She said sure, took my info and within a week we received 6 coupons for a dollar off each purchase. Phone 1-800-SWHEATS (794-3287) or 218-846-9610

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    @Liss 13879 wrote:

    just a note We have several different levels of registration here in the forums.

    As a Guest (non-registered Visitor) you can view many of the forums, threads and posts. You will see 2 columns of advertisements, one on the left and one on the right.

    As a Registered Member, you can view all of the forums, threads and posts, including a couple private forums for higher ranking members. Active Registered members (5+ posts) do not see advertisements in the right hand column when they are logged in.

    lurker Ground Level Lurkers – newly registered (or inactive) members with very few posts have limited access to features & are unable to send Private messages. (This is for :spam: prevention) .

    Registered Members with more than 5 Posts – Are considered to be active members. active registered members have additional abilities granted to them as they reach higher post counts.

    some of these features include:

    1. Ability to pm other users
    2. additional private message space
    3. additional photo sizes
    4. access to albums feature
    5. access to custom usergroups
    6. email features such as email a friend
    7. additional posting/editing features
    8. additional calendar features
    9. increase in signature features

    members with 25+ Posts:

    Our Referral board becomes available (for sharing points, winzy, , blinko, etc) as well as the Coupon Swap and Trade board.

    The above listed features increase again.

    In addition, Forums Offers the ‘Experience Shop‘ in which members can earn points for free items just for being a valuable member of the community! it’s our way of saying two cents

    thanks! you explained it perfectly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)