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    The first thing I make sure we do is that we have these “bladder bags” as we call them. They are essentially a backpack with a bladder inserted in them. They have a hose that comes out of the bag and attaches to one of the straps.

    We fill them about 3/4 of the way with water the night before and freeze the bladder. Then insert into the bag prior to leaving for the game and we always have fresh ice cold water all day long. As you can see in the picture below, my then 9 year old, wore hers to Disney, but we also use them for tailgating.

    They are quite versatile and not heavy at all. There is enough room for us to have the water as well as a poncho in case of rain. I can attach a clip to mine and hold a pouch for snacks for the kids too.

    The ice water keeps our temperature down in the Florida heat while the ice becomes water and we have liquid to drink.

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    I am in the process of making an underwater habitat for my fish using hot glue and glow in the dark rocks. I am not sure how it will come out, but I wanted to try it. I got the idea from a video on facebook where someone used hot glue to make a silicone case for their iphone.

    I will be using rocks in the inside on the bottom to hold it down and then also on the outsides. I’ll let ya know how it comes out!

    In the past, I have also taken a piece of rope and scraps of wood to craft a hanging beak sharpener for my parakeet! We use old wagon tires and drill a hole in them attaching thick rope and knotting it around the hole so that our dog can use it as a chase and chew toy.

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    I find that my family loves to have queso. We make it like this:

    Take 1 block of velveta and cut it into cubes. Place into microwave safe bowl. Open and DRAIN Rotel diced tomatoes and green chiles.

    This is where it gets personalized. For my kids, I reduce the rotel and increase the cheese. For adults, depending on how hot they like it, I will add more rotel.

    Microwave in 30 second intervals stirring as you go so that when it is nice and melty you have your dip ready for tostitos scoops.

    It can also be made in the dip warmer! If I were to win, I would definitely use the dip warmer rather than the microwave.

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    Perhaps you can clarify something for me. My profile says I am a budget guru and I have 165 posts, while I haven’t been posting regularly, is there a reason that now when I reply it has to be approved by a moderator? I don’t remember it ever doing that before.

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    How many do you make your menus for? I’m feeding 5. The two guys seem to never be full.

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    I buy the knock off of the velveta mac n cheese, so the packet already has the milk in it. We have used almond milk and soy milk in the past, not our favorite, not to mention I can get twice as much cows milk as i can almond milk here. so we tend to default to what’s more affordable.

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    This was my first time making white bread myself, and it was a hit with my family! for just pennies, i can make 2 loaves! Definately saves me some money on going to the store and purchasing store bought bread!

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    every year we add to our traditions, but our 5 favorites are: tracking Santa with norad, going to the Christmas production at church, watching our magical snowmen pick different places/things to do in the house, baking cookies, and having our annual Christmas party.

    The best tip I ever learned was when I was asked to go to a couponing workshop. I learned how to not only coupon, but I learned how to stack manufacturer and store coupons on the buy one get one free items. I learned that with the correct stacking, I could actually end up with an overage! For example, the Splenda was bogo, I paid like 2.99 for 2 packs, but I had 2 manufacturer coupons for 75 cents each and 2 store coupons for like 1 dollar each, so I ended up with a 50 cent overage (meaning they deducted what I earned in overage from the end of my bill! I acutally got paid 50 cents to buy that splenda)

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    @Tashdan 242050 wrote:

    Wow! I wish it was that cheap here!! Ours is almost a full dollar more.

    you will see that that was a typo, it’s 3.53 here…


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    i hi the wrong number i just realized. here in tampa its 3.53 a gallon

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    Tampa, Fl $2.53 as of yesterday

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    in recent months, the schools here in fla have made strides at getting healthier approaches in the school lunches. we check the menu daily and if i don’t approve or my kids don’t like what they are offered at school, they pack a lunch of applesauce, ham or turkey rollups, string cheese and bottled water. they get other fruits and veggies at home for dinner/snacks and they have milk every morning with breakfast. while some parents think i am overboard with what i allow my kids to eat and what i don’t let them have, this article is one of the reasons that we as parents HAVE to be proactive in our childrens nutrition!

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    this is a ton of helpful information! i will be favoriting this one! we are in a time where we all need to me more consience of what we spend…

    so this will help my family tremendously.

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    mmmm that sounds so good! will add it to my camping recipe box for sure!

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