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    I have had cats all my life, 65 plus years. It sounds like this is really a time for a vet visit. I try to do home remedies when possible, but weight loss can be a sign of some serious problems. Hope she is okay.

    I’m thinking the same thing. Sounds like allergies (the fur pulling) and if you have an animal with food allergy issues usually anything you can find in a grocery store is going to exacerbate them. The weight loss is troubling, also. Google top 10 worst pet foods and you’ll find at least 7 are made by Purina. I hope the kitty is okay!

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    It helps with some male dogs — they are more prone to “mark” their territory before they are neutered.

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    What I’m always doing when I’m not working….. working at home! 😀 vacuuming, laundry (and making new laundry sauce!) I just joined, and am having a blast poking around this site (and procrastinating on the vacuuming and laundry)…..

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