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    I can’t wait to try this…I have a Paula Deen French Toast Casserole that we love, but has more ingredients and more steps…this recipe sounds just as good and much easier to make! Thanks!

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    Thanks for the recipe…one question though.

    Is this a copycat for their old frosty (the one that was only chocolate) or the new version….I’m not a big fan of their newer version. I guess I’m just “old school”! LOL

    in reply to: Getting A Healthy Shine & Gettin Rid of Fleas #418156

    I used to sell AVON and it was never recommended to put it on cats, because of the fact that they lick themselves. I’ve used it on my dog and it works, but if you want to use it on a cat I would ask your vet 1st just to be sure.

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    I average about a 50% savings on my grocery bill every week with a combination of coupons (some of which are doubled by the store), sale items, which includes BOGO items, and in store specials or store coupons. The cashier is always astounded on how much I save each week. It takes a while to make out a shopping list, because you have to match sale items with coupons. I try not to buy anything that I wouldn’t normally use, but I do stock up on things that aren’t necessarily needed at the moment, but are commonly used items. I always love looking at the bottom line to see how much I saved!

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    I have psoriasis on my hands and feet that started last June. After several Dr. visits, I am currently on psoriatane, and 2 different gels. They have lessened the problem, but it is still pretty bad and doesn’t ever completely go a way.

    I wish I had a solution for you as it is driving me crazy as well.

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    Yes, I have a great neighbor! He works for a food distribution company and shares with us quite a bit. Some restaurants can’t accept food if it isn’t labeled correctly or some other reason.

    This is just the latest and now I have a freezer stuffed full of chicken thighs.

    in reply to: Irritated to no end! #409258

    My 2 cents….

    Stop telling your friend your business and maybe she won’t feel like she needs to give you her advice. When I tell a friend personal business, it is usually because I am either looking for confirmation or advice. Sometimes the advice might not be exactly what you were hoping or looking for, but none the less, it is advice. Which means, you can either take it or leave it. I wouldn’t get upset with her. If you don’t want to hear her critical comments, don’t give her any information that she can criticize.

    That being said, I advise you read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I just read it a couple of months ago and already my family is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel in our financial situation. He gives you 7 manageable baby steps to follow to get yourself out of debt for life. Try it, it can’t hurt.


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    I have used online savings for a few years now with no problems. Like the person above, make sure that it is FDIC insured and has a good reputation. Don’t try these fly by night banks that haven’t been around long enough to establish themselves or their reputation.
    Also, one thing you might need to be aware of….You usually have to already have an account, such as a checking account, with another bank to link to the new online account as this is how you fund the online savings accounts. The 2 that I have used or currently use are Onbank which is affiliated with M&T bank in the western NY area and also Emigrant Direct.

    I have had no problems with either of these online banks.


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    Did anyone notice that a few of the Publix store brand items were more than the name brand? What’s up with that?

    I prefer to shop at Publix, but only buy the BOGO items with matching coupons, because they double coupons. I go to WalMart when an item is needed that isn’t on sale at Publix and/or I don’t have a coupon.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!


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    I have made this recipe for years and before that my Mom. It is very good if you like dates. My recipe also includes frosted flakes though.


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    Where can I find mos pantry list?


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    $12 in AL as well. Too bad.


    in reply to: Anyone near Columbus, GA? #404070

    The milk at Publix is $3.45. I’m not sure how long the special sale will last though. It has been running for few weeks now.


    in reply to: Anyone near Columbus, GA? #403955


    Publix is where I do the majority of my shopping. There is also Winn-Dixie, WalMart supercenters, and Piggly Wiggly. Publix has had a gallon of milk on sale for $3.59 the past few weeks.

    Our gas went down to $1.89 yesterday near my house, but Columbus is still at $2.07. al gas seems to be cheaper than ga for some reason. when we first moved to the area 13 years ago, Columbus always had the cheaper gas, now it is the other way around.

    Yes, Ft. Benning area isn’t the best area to live in. I’m not sure how living right on post is though.

    Most people that I know in the military choose to live in Ft. Mitchell, al which is very close to one of the base entrances. ft.

    benning is actually in ga and al. the al side has cheaper taxes if you are looking to buy a house. the north columbus area has better schools and better living areas, but are also a little pricier.

    i live in lee county, al near the smiths station school district. they have one of the better school systems on the al side of the border. i homeschool my kids as well, so i can’t give you too much advice in that area.

    only what i hear from others. if i were going to put my kids back in school, though, it would be either the smiths station, al school district or if you want to stay in columbus, one of the schools on the north side of town.

    if i think of anything else that i think you should know, i will repost. if you can think of any more questions, let me know.

    i hope your transfer/move goes smoothly.

    my daughter’s best friend’s dad is in the military and they just got transferred to washington state this year. we miss them a great deal. they lived in ft.

    mitchell and they homeschooled their kids as well. if you do choose to continue homeschooling, i can let you know about all of the support groups in the area and what activities are available. i’m not sure how old your kids are, but we now have a local homeschool sports team and a prom.

    good luck!

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    Good Morning!

    I do! I live near Columbus on the al side of the border. my husband works in columbus, ga and we do much of our business in and around that area.

    what do you need to know?


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