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    So I discovered this adorable fellow on scrapbook.com. He was created by linda klein. To make him, follow the directions above to make a 3 tiered money cake, but use holiday ribbons for each layer.
    If you crochet, make a simple 8″ long scarf. Otherwise you can just cut up a piece of material to make a scarf.

    Hot glue a foam ball to the top to create the snowmans head and glue on googly eyes, a nose and mouth. Add a felt hat, they have them at hobby lobby and michaels, or walmart in the crafts area. Then decorate the hat with ribbons and snowflakes and pom poms.

    The arms are card holders for flower arrangements, they’ve been wrapped in pipe cleaners.

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    You can also transform them into adorable scarecrows too.

    scarecrow pot lids


    To make them spray paint the pot a light tan or skin tone color. Once it dries, paint the pot lid handle orange for the nose. Using acrylic paints, paint the eyes and add a bit of light pink paint to accent the cheeks.

    Arrange some raffia to create the straw hair and glue it into place.

    Cut a piece of burlap and fold it over, gluing it into place to form the hat. Add on autumn floral pics to finish it off.

    This would be adorable hung on the front door!

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    Here are few more egg substitutes!

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    We just made these this morning and filled them with some homemade strawberry fig jam that our neighbor gave us in a sweet little gift basket she put together and I have to tell you, they were absolutely delicious! I didn’t know that popovers were so easy to make. I think they’d be wonderful filled with savory pot pie filling and I’m thinking of making that for dinner!

    Thanks for sharing such a yummy (frugal!) recipe. eat-1  smilie

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    Ok, I haven’t seen garlic yet!!
    You can re-grow a plant from just a single clove , all you have to do is just plant it with the fatter root-end down. It’s needs well drained soil in lots of sun.
    The garlic will root itself and produce new shoots. After it gets established make sure that you cut back the shoots so the little plant can put all its energy into producing a big fat garlic bulb, otherwise you’ll get an anorexic looking garlic bulb.

    You can replant cloves over and over again too. More free food! 1heartjar smilie

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    add just a touch of nutmeg, about 1/4 tsp to the whole thing, it’ll knock your socks off!

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    You could host a Coffee House Poetry Slam, these seem to be getting really popular. If you know someone that has an espresso machine (or if you can rent one cheaply) you can serve espressos, lattes, flavored syrups,regular coffee etc. Set up a karoake mic and invite members of the crowd to recite their favorite poem (their own or another authors).

    Charge a cover fee for coming or just mark up the espressos and pastries.

    This one is usually a hit with High school students

    in reply to: Hosting a College Donation Raffle- Input #444073

    I think this is an interesting idea. I’d love any of those prizes/items. You could probably do smaller items too, like maybe your Laundry Sauce Kits or something along those lines that way you aren’t spending the majority of the donations on prizes.

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    @widowmaker41 325130 wrote:

    Just started browsing this site, wife likes the super laundry soap recipe. I have a question though, are all of these tested by admin? If not, is there a quality check in place to weed out the bogus recipes/tips?

    Hi Welcome to the site!

    Interesting question, the site has been around for almost 15 years (I think!) and I’ve been here for quite a few myself. I can honestly say that Liss has never steered me wrong, lol So I know when she posts I can take that to the bank.

    That’s not to discount all the recipes and posts by members though because I’ve learned alot since I started coming here. I guess it’s like any other site, if you’re worried about whether or not its good advice or a good recipe, read all the comments and make a decision. With over 30,000 members posting I don’t know how Liss would have the ability to test each and every one.

    cloud9  smilieThank you so very much for the Amazon Gift Card! There’s an item that I’ve been dying to buy but couldn’t “talk myself into it” and I was able to buy it.multistars smilie

    I just LOVE Budget101! No other site does the things that you do for your members, so Thank you Liss! And thank you to everyone that participates and makes this site so much fun.

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    I know this sounds really weird, but if you suffer from restless legs syndrome when you are trying to sleep at night, just unwrap a bar of soap and place it at your feet and it will stop immediately. I don’t know why it works, I just know that it DOES indeed work. I’ve used Irish spring and dove (not at the same time!)

    @Archenstone 121893 wrote:

    Here are some things I would love to know;

    1. What do you grease things with? In a recipe for cake in a jar it says to grease jars…but doesn’t say what the grease is.

    Non-stick cooking spray, solid crisco, butter or margarine- but it depends entirely on what I am making for which one I choose.

    2. What is folding? Such as folding eggs?

    Folding is when you add ingredients to other ingredients without MIXING. You would stick a flat spatula in the center, cut down towards the bottom, scraping the bowl and simply overturn the ingredients. then turn the bowl a quarter turn and repeat until the ingredients are incorporated.

    Folding keeps air in the recipe.

    3. How could I bake bread with out a bread pan?

    You can form it into a bowl or rolls and bake it on a cookie sheet.

    4. If you don’t have a rolling pin….what can you use to flatten dough?

    You can use a beer bottle, don’t ask how i know.

    5. Are there any substitutions for wax or parchment paper? What if I don’t have these?

    Yes, you can use a Silpat.

    6. What if I don’t have measuring items? There’s a debate in my house as to how big my spoons are.

    You can measure by hand, the palm of a womans hand typically holds 1/4 of a cup, so if you need a cup, you need 4 palmfuls.

    1 tablespoon equals a chestnut

    2 tablespoons equals a pingpong ball

    1/4 cup equals a small handful or a large egg

    1/3 cup equals a billiard ball

    1/2 cup equals a tennis ball

    3/4 cup equals a baseball

    7.If you add a little more than the recipe calls for *by mistake* will it destroy the food?

    It depends on the recipe, some recipes will be ruined, some recipes there are room to play.

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    @my4mainecoons 320957 wrote:

    Hmmmm… I tried that one but it wouldn’t work with IE versions 7 and above and I couldn’t get it to work with my updated Firefox version either. It said it wasn’t compatible.

    Maybe it will work for someone using much older versions?

    I try to keep my browsers up to date to keep out malware, so the $10 for the roboform (my analytical side says .02¢ per day) is worth it to me. Which is kind of funny if you think about it, I’m literally adding my .02¢

    I couldn’t get that old version to work in my computer either. I also have the paid version, the one that’s $9.95 and syncs to all my devices. I have it in my desktop, my laptop and my iPhone.

    You can’t use the old version in your mobile phone either. It’s completely worth it to me too. I have over 4,000 passwords saved from all of my sweeps sites and it keeps me from duplicating entries.

    Probably the best money saving tip that I ever learned was to make my own homemade “convenience” mixes. I can’t imagine how much money I’ve saved over the last few years since I started making them myself, rather than buying them. I learned this tip in liss first book she posted years ago and between that and learning how to menu plan using what I have and using loss leaders, I have saved a small fortune. I know that we used to spend in the neighborhood of $1,000 a month or so and now we spend around $270 a month for everything, including cleaners because of this site.

    @Elliot130 246461 wrote:

    Giving a gift of cash needs that taxes get paid, but according to the IRS, there are certain exclusion amounts per individual per individual, per year. Cash gifts of $13,000 or less are not taxable, and neither are equivalent gifts of property given to a political organization or charity, or medical and educational expenditures.

    So.. if I make $100,000 (in my dreams of course) and I give my kid $13,000 in their Bank account, I don’t have to pay income taxes on that revenue??

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