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    @CreatureTeacher 1067014 wrote:

    I just started a pot of these in my living room so that I could have fresh tomatoes this winter. I am hoping that by new years I’ll have a plant loaded with fruit. If you grow them indoors you will need to pollinate them in order to get them to fruit, you can use a Q-Tip and just touch the flowers, much like a bee.

    Maybe if more people pollinated the flowers themselves they’d realize how important bees really are and start protecting them, I digress.

    We’re giving this one a try this year, I already have my potting soil, just waiting to get some bit fat tomatoes at the farmers market this week, a few slices for me, a few for the dirt, haha.

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    I don’t really know about what’s in it that makes them not pee in the same spot again but at my house I haven’t had any issues with it.

    Only the newer males that are not fixed spray in the house. I did have a female with a UTI that soiled in an area near an older stain that I removed, but she didn’t soil in the same spot. I don’t know if she was marking or just felt the urge to go because of the UTI.

    None of my cats are problem animals, they all potty outside. My husband built a “sandbox” in the back corner of our property and most of them use that area. We drag it with a garden rake periodically to clean it out, and we add fresh pool sand to it every summer. I just hose it down with a garden hose.

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    I think I’m going to have to pass on this one, it sounds much too much like the blue listerine feet cure for tough skin cells. Iodine and baby oil together can’t remove hair.

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