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    I buy the bunching onions seed in the Spring and plant them. When they are big enough to start eating on you can either cut the green part, and eat it…or you can pull the whole onion. So that I have more for later I let some of the onions start going to seed.

    They will get what looks like tiny little onion starts on the top of the green blades. When they do, just bend the top of the onion over and cove the new starts with some soil. The new onions will continue to grow and you will have a fresh new crop in no time!

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    I also wanted to mention that I used to use those green bags to keep my veggies and fruit fresher longer, and they worked really good. One day I didn’t have any of the green bags so I just grabbed a zip-lock baggie, Wala! that worked perfectly too!

    The secret to the bags working though is not that it is a bag, it is that you are supposed to put a sheet of paper toweling in the bag with the veggies or fruit….it soaks up any residual water. Just thought someone might want to know.

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    the foil sounds awesome I will have to try that with my celery, cause it does get limpy when I don’t use it up very fast.

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    this herb looks like one of my very favorites! Sage 🙂

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