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    Welcome! I’m sure you will find many useful tips and ideas here. Be sure to read old posts to get as much info as possible.

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    @JoAnn 114005 wrote:

    What is the shelf life of sugar ?
    Sugar, properly stored, has an indefinite shelf life because it does not support microbial growth.

    according to lds, selflife fot sugar is indefinite.(decades) just keep dry as possible. even if it gets a little damp, just bust up the lumps. salt is the same.

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    What are leftover mashed potatoes? It’s a creature I’ve never seen in my house.LOLOL!

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    @mcnerd 112667 wrote:

    I wonder where our names and email address will ultimately end up.

    They will end up exactly where they said they would. If you didn’t trust the group, you shouldn’t have signed the petition. MoveOn has been active for a “long” time and are a legitimate organization.

    Just saying.. love smiley

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    Welcome, Chris, from another PA’er! I know the economy is getting rougher and rougher. PA was a little ahead but now is catching up to the rest of the country. Wish you luck in finding employment. Meanwhile, you have found a great buch of people to talk with.

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    Thanks so much! I have extremely dry lips. Will have to make a bunch cause outside garden work is here.

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    Nice offer! Hope it comes-my wrinkles need help. Truthfully, they need medivac emergency crew!


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    Considering a large majority of our drugs are made in other countries, I would have no fear of crossing the border to get what I needed. Wish I lived close enough to either border to do it. Yes, the care in US is excellent but the keyword is affordability.

    Hospital will treat in emergency, but based on income level, will bill you. Other than emergency, they refer you to family doc. Free clinics(few and far between) are also based on a very narrow window of income.

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    For Canadian residents only.

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    Never get tired of it-I’m a political junkie!! LOL

    Hello, fellow PA neighbor! I’m sure you will enjoy this group and find many items and posts valuable to you.

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    Two different items-both can be bought ar WallyMart. Both in the automotive section. First is TuffStuff and comes in a trigger spray and an aresol(sp?).

    Really good stuff. The second(my favorite) is GoJo, a waterless hand cleaner. Important-make sure you get the “non” pumice!!

    I use this on antique furniture and antique sewing machines-you literally can see the hardened grease run off. I use paper towels to wipe it off and follow with Howards orange oil or clear butchers wax(on wood) Amazing to watch a hundred years of grease and grime just run away.

    Always, always test in an inconspicous area for safety!! Actually do that with any new product.

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    Welcome! I’m originally from Maryland-miss it sometimes. If you’re close enough to pa border to make it worthwhile, remember we have no sales tax on clothing and food.

    you ought to see the traffic we get when it’s back to school time. and i slip into md (i’m right at the border)for taxable items-pennies add up.

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    There’s a letter in oneof the forumsyou can print out(Liss?) and present to management. My little local Shurfine market won/t take them. I’m going to present the letter and point out that every coupon they refuse is a sale to their competitors.

    I’ll just go purchase the item at another store. We’re a small enough community that I hope that works.

    Haven’t had any probs with our WalMarts, Weis, or Giant.

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    @Janice Terrell 107991 wrote:

    Guess I was wrong. Sorry

    What are you wrong about? For all we know, it could have been the yeast if she didn’t proof it. Hope I didn’t offend :mylove:

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