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    Now that one is really funny!! Thanks for the laugh.

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    South central PA here and Welcome!

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    Welcome! South central pa here-hmm, alot of pa’s here. we’re either very poor or good penny pinchers in pa.

    more likely both< anyhoo, great group here and some great tips and recipes.

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    @redring 124582 wrote:

    It dosent help I have sooooo much medical things going on. Dentiest told me today I basically have a mouth full of cavitys. He cant do anything about it though till I have my TMJ fixed.

    that means braces wich I cant afford and neither of our insurences will help with. So he refuses to touch them in fear of causeing more damage to my jaw. so now what?

    They just get to rot in my mouth? every time I get close to answering one puzzel lately I get another. I feel like the wourld is falling apart.

    plus I think ill owe my flex spending the other $500 they havent collected from my checks yet. I need to call them and see what happens with that. Its insane here.

    I cant give up but im not sure what to do. thanks for the help and Dana your not being pushy. anything helps right now.

    Wish we could help more. Soo many are hurting. If you don’t mind me saying so, I’d get a second opinion from a diff dentist!

    Putting braces on bad teeth is rediculous. Your jaw prob has nothing to do with fillings. In fact my dentist insisted all fillings be done before because it changes the profile of the teeth.

    That changes how things fit in your mouth. Try to get those fillings done, at least-an abcess can make you “really” ill.

    keep us posted on how things go. We’re a shoulder to cry on, if nothing else!

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    Welcome, Heather!! I’m south central PA. You’ll find lots of good info and a bunch of really nice people here. Take the time to read all the past posts. It’s worth it just for recipes, alone-much less cleaning, decorating, and other helpers. So, enjoy!

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    Happened to me too. Keep a close eye on your telephone bill. The amount this fraud charges varies-called Two Guys something-can’t remember.

    Anyway, my phone company immediately removed the charges. Best thing you can do is have them put a third party block on your bill. They won’t bill or pay them without your express say so.

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    Howdy, neighbor!! So glad you joined. Great bunch of people here-always willing to help one another.

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    Pinea-a-a-apple Aghhahghaaa!!!! Doing my best Homer Simpson. Thanks!!

    Fantastic offer!! I am one of six and the only one who hasn’t had a heart attack. I don’t stress about it but try to be aware.

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    @semmel88 102767 wrote:

    He there is Companion Gardening and some of those so called weeds attract helpful insects or distract pests. I always let some thistle grow in my garden and the finches thank me everyyear when they eat the seeds. Goldenrod is so beautiful too.

    Sorry, those weedless garden with perfectly trimmed lawns give me the shivers, that look cleaner then some people’s living room. at least your guys are using newspaper and not some chemical spray bottle.

    I’m with you on the perfect lawns and gardens. Besides acting as decoys for some nasty bugs, alot of those weeds are edible. Most famous, of course, is the dandelion.

    Burdock, chicory, sheeps sorrel, wild cress, purslane(can even be pickled), even violets. Google wild edible plants-you’ll be surprised at what’s out there. Just don’t spray if you are going to eat :118:

    Also, when the rest of the neighborhood’s grass is burned out in the summer, mine is still green. Weeds hold up in drought and when kept cut, look fine. We are all on wells and can’t take the chance of lawn watering.

    My lawn philosophy is, if it’s green, leave it alone.:035:

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    Somewhere in all my files is homemade insecticide that uses tobacco juice. So, actually a great offer!!

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    I’m going to give the site because there’s sooo much good info on other topics. Dandelions are under Recipes. Let’s hope I type this right

    Prodigal Gardens-Homepage

    Great site!!

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    Great offer!! Now, if I can just get him to wear his at home so I don’t have to scream—-

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    Have emailed this to daughter-in-law. Her parents have had to move in with them. All they have is SS and the medical bills have bankrupted them.

    I think they might qualify. Hope they can offer this in all states soon. It sure is needed.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hello, neighbor! I’m about ten miles east of Gettysburg. Sadly, it kind of speaks of PA’s economy that there are so many PA’ers here. But there’s alot of good information here besides a bunch of great friends!

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