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    You can get upholstery material that has a rubberized backing to keep it protected. There’s a tutorial here on the site that I read last summer:

    maybe that will help give you some ideas!

    Don’t beat yourself up Krampus, we’ve all read something on the net and shared it without confirming it. Thanks baconeater for clearing that up tho! You learn something new everyday!

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    My bucket list is pretty simple, I want to grow my own lemon tree, pineapple plant and brussels sprouts.

    Brussels sprouts are the weird one on the list because I’ve tried about 10 different times already and they always seem to die.

    Also, I’d like to learn which plants can grow all winter long inside without needing to be pollinated because I’d like to grow some foods in the wintertime for my family and not have to pollinate them with q-tips (which doesn’t work very well).

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    That’s weird liss, when I hit print I got all the comments with it, even page 3. Maybe there was a glitch with Print Friendly?

    in reply to: What top 5 things are a *Must Have* in your pantry? #442508

    Here are the top thing I have to have

    1. Homemade Mixes (We have mixes for EVERYTHING! Cakes, Cookies, Side Dishes,

    HomeCanned Fruits/Veggies/Pickles/Jams
    3. Jars of homemade Dehydrated Fruits/Veggies
    4. Spices/seasonings- about 100 bottles of various kinds

    Honey or Coconut Oil

    both, Honey and coconut oil equally, lol. Sorry that’s 6 I never claimed to be able to count

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    If you’re down on your luck you probably qualify for Free supplies – you can get free school supplies from lots of different places:

    • Churches
    • Local Media- if you call your local news stations & talk to the assignment or education reporter they will be able to tell you school related supply events, like supply drives
    • Chamber of Commerce- most towns have a chamber of commerce and they frequently hold events and supplies drives/handouts
    • Sales Flyers- if you watch the sales there are a number of stores that offer doorbusters or .01 items like pencils, glue sticks, etc. These are basically free supplies!
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    image not available Each one is good for a free donut, Cool Beans!

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    This sounds really good! I was thinking about trying something just a little different and using walnuts instead of peanuts and almond butter instead of peanut butter. One of the kids friends has a peanut allergy but I LOVE to make nuts bars and things for snacks for them all.

    in reply to: Vampixen’s Dinner Menu 9/2 – 9/8 #432733

    Happy Birthday Vamp!! Thank you for sharing your menu, it sounds really delish. How do you make your Northern Beans?

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    @MrsPaws 219197 wrote:

    It’s gonna be here longer than we’re gonna be…kwim?
    Can ya tell that I like iron cookware… 😉

    What’s a Kwim?? I like cast iron pots too but they are hard to clean after cooking especially when camping.

    in reply to: Request for Support: Cancer #431679

    Hi Liss! I think it’s wonderful that this boy is willing to shave his head to raise money for charity!! I made a small donation too and listed my name as a Budget101 member, I hope that’s okay with you. I hope he reaches his goal!!

    in reply to: Camping Snack Food: Cheese Coins #429918

    We’ve made them with half white and half wheat, but not all wheat. Half & half worked fine- if you try them with all wheat, let me know how they turn out!

    BUMP98.gif This one is for tonight! Don’t forget to get your free stuff

    in reply to: Helooooooo from MI #429577

    Hi! showered with love Nice to meet you!

    You’ll find tons of ideas here I know we have! I don’t post as often as I should usually i’m too bizy reading posts instead.

    I used to live in MI, near Central Lake, cherry country. :xmas10: Cant wait to read your posts!

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    All of these are really great ideas! Does anyone know how to make your own corn chips, like the fritos kind?? beaverhug smilie

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