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    I stockpile products that we have tried, used I know we would eventually need to purchase. With the many other free or profit after purchase with rebate products I purchase that our family doesn’t use … I donate to a couple food banks and local shelters.

    I love to feel helpful and they are often quite happy to get the type products we donate as canned and/or boxed food is the norm. Soap, toilet paper, shampoo, lotions and such are greatly appreciated as many do not think to donate these type products.

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    Please forgive me I’m a newbie… am I able to use a cell phone instead of a landline to phone in for these type offers? I have had trouble with a couple and wonder if this is the reason.

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    Thanks for the information. Many good answers to be found here!:razz:

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    I am also a newbie and quite excited to utelize the info in other areas on the site! I love to learn new ways to save $$ as well as share what I happen to figure out or find on my own!

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    I’m new here and found this to be a great question. I also appreciate the detailed answer!

    I am also wondersing where and what type posts advance our levels of membership. Is it ‘points for posting, freebies or do comments and questions count as well?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)