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  • in reply to: Ricky saying Hi to All #434466

    Hello ricky nice to meet you .My name is chris and hope so see more post from you!

    in reply to: Made it through Sandy #434465

    Glad you and your family are fine. I am in pa and most we got in my area was cold wind and rain..My prayers are for those who are worse off..

    in reply to: Texas coast newbie #434464

    Hello Urallee and welcome..glad you joined

    in reply to: laundry detergent #434269

    I have been making my own laundry detergent for years now and always looking for improvements..while googling i found this one i am going to try out and see how it the person who posted it said she has a family of four and this laundry soap cost 30 dollars to make and if you follow the directions of only using 2 tbsp per load it should last almost a year…… here is the recipe…
    3 bars of fels naptha
    1 box borax bleach
    1 box washing soda
    2 cups of baking soda
    2 containers of dollar store brand oxyclean
    1 to 2 containers of purex fabric softner chrystals

    grate bar soap. mix it with rest of ingredients in a air tight container . Only use 2 tbsp of this per load..

    i think i amgoing to try it. dont think it will last me a year since i have 8 at home but who knows lol

    in reply to: Steps taken and electric is still sky high HELP #427329

    I didnt quite have time to read all the replies to this but i do have a question for you. Did you call you electric company. My electric bill was WAYYY to high.

    So i called them and asked if they could send someone out there to check and see where all this electric is being used unefficiently so i can lower my bill.

    They sent two reps out and they went thru my home completely. I found out that my water heater, frig , freezer, washer and dryer were not energy sufficient(sp?). meaning they were not up to code.

    They then left us know that we qualified for help with this to make our home energy efficient . They replaced everything but our washer and dryer, that we had to do our selves. Since then our bill is only a third of what it was!

    Maybe your electric company has something like that in your area. Something to look into…but til then if that heater you are speaking of is a secondary heat source,,unplug it , put plastic up at your windows,check to see if your home needs to be re-insulated..good luck hope i helped

    in reply to: What is Your Weather Like Today ? #427328

    Right now it is cold and grey looking out here in hopewell pennsylvania. The area was under a flood warning and watch last night and day before but now it looks like it is going to snow again….

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    Hi my name is chris and i am from the bedford county area of pa…welcome to the club. If ya need anything ya know where to find me

    in reply to: Any luck with ebay or craigslist?? #424085

    I have never sold anything on ebay but i did find a power pack for my laptop there much cheaper then if i bought it from the manufactorers..and it still works…i paid 13 for it and they wanted close to 100 from the manufatorers…so it just depends on what the object of interest is…if you are selling then make sure ya include some pictures of it and decide if they have to pay the shipping and handling or if you do and add or subtract that from the price…good luck

    in reply to: What is Your Weather Like Today ? #424084

    Well today it says it is to be high in the 78 area and low 55…the sky is clear with a few white clouds but it feels little warmer…comfortable i would say…very nice relaxing …like then ya sit on the porch swing and ya feel the breeze …soft and even like

    in reply to: A-1 Steak #423855

    ok that sounds soooo good …will haveto try that real soon lol

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