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    I take all the circulars and see what I need to buy and then go to Walmart and buy the things I need and they honor the competetor’s ads and I save myself from running around. I know I am getting the best prices and saving gas and time. During the summer I watch yard sales for back packs or messanger bags and clean then up and pay a dollar or 2 a piece, once I clean them they are like new.

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    also got some books from the great depression, had some great ideas to save money and feed the family in rough times, there were several issues. difficult to find. many were written by people in rural areas of the midwest who faced different problems than those who lived in the east

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    OMG so sad, so sensless, to die like that. so sorry

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    if they are small enough pull them out if not spray the cut part with pruning spray it will prevent new growth but with the root system in place you risk regrowth, you could also use a strong salt solution or boiling water on the roots. to kill them.

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    I have the Old Fashion Recipe Book it tells you how to make everything from scratch. it is a great book. It was self written and self published but worth it.

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    some make jam too so of you can get berries in season you can do that as well. Good luck

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    This offer is closed

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    I had a Sears food saver years ago when I use to buy bulk. It worked great and they had bags on a roll so you could make the bags to the size you needed. I just stopped doing bulk.

    I do not even know if they still make it, Now that was almost 30 years ago. It was still working when I recently donated it and the left over bags to the purple heart. I did recently purchase the ziplock one, have not use it yet, thought I may try it when I get things on special.

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    I make a rug & air freshener with baking soda, and herbs from my garden. I take a jar and fill it with the baking soda and add the herb to it and let it sit for a while, then sprinkle it onto the rugs/furniture etc and then vacume. the baking soda freshens and the herb gives a nice sent.

    Jar it up and give as gifts.

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    This has been discontinued

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    Black friday starts early at Chelsea Outlets, they have several locations, 2 in PA. They open tonight (Thanksgiving at 10PM) and if you sign up for VIP membership there are tons of specials. Also AAA members get discounts too so if you forget to print your discounts just use your AAA card and you can get a discount brouchure.
    Happy Shopping!:120103_emTE32_prv (

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    already a member, may mail seeds anytime in spring, you plant them and then need to submit observations of bee traffic to your sunflowers. Nice program

    in reply to: Any luck with ebay or craigslist?? #426287

    I use ebay quite a lot and do Ok, always get payment first, I mail most of my things out so I charge extra for postage. Things that are not worht a lot or will not sell on ebay I freecycle ot donate, donating at least I can deduct on my income tax and purple heart picks up at my door on a regular basis. 🙂

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    I am going to prepare dinner for 5 homeless people and deliver it the night before, only catch, I am working day before so i need to prep food a few days before hand, menu includes, turkey( my DS will cook it the day of for me) green bean casserole, I will prep and shelter can heat it up, mashed potaoes, I figured I will would cook potatoes a head of time then heat and mash day before. Cranberry sauce, canned so no prep, and rolls, no prep, any other suggestions? oh yeah, I will also make Bisquick pumpkin pie.

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    those prices do not sound like 2009. and most people have a pantry supply which would allow you to buy other things. The diet also is not very healthy.

    I would add some bran and whole wheat flour and brown rice. really could use some fresh, frozen or canned fruit. May cost a little more but in the long run be healthier and save you money in doctor’s bills.

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