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    After I make this, I put it in the crock pot on warm and we usually eat on it the whole weekend!! If needed or if you can’t wait long enough (like us), thicken with some instant mashed potatoes! Make sure and thaw the frozen taters!

    They can be quite crunchy otherwise……….:045:

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    Thank you very much!! :045:

    in reply to: Free Cottonelle Toliet paper @ Krogers #402814

    Still @ 99c in East Tennessee!! The Q from Sunday’s inserts isn’t quite as good as the others, but hey……a 4 pk for 50c! I can’t pass that up either!!

    :045: 😀

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    Awesome!! Thank you very much!! :045:

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    The Sodium naproxen in Aleve and the Sodium Chloride like we are warned about for blood pressure are two entirely different things! Most all medications, prescription and otc, now warn you about just about everything so they can cover their assets, kwim?? as a pp stated, it is an nsaid~non steroidal anti inflammatory drug.

    dh takes it all the time. i can’t take it because i have stomach issues, but it works well……hth!! :045:

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    I’m not sure if you have signed up for this yet and while I would *love* to try out that delectable combo of “Guns & Gardens* just be very careful with Rewards. com. Once they get their hooks into you…….they almost have to be surgically removed! Proceed with caution!

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    Hi Peggy & welcome!! This is a great place and everyone is very helpful and friendly! Now that you have your feet wet in the Newbie Section……NO more lurking~Post Away!! :045:

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    When I lost my Cobra Insurance I just started researching, emailing & calling and came up with these folks. The program was new and I don’t know if they are still doing it or not. The name of the company is Rx Crossroads and they are out of Kentucky.

    Hope it works for you! Here is the website addy~

    RxCrossroads – Welcome

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    debbiedee8;83355 wrote:
    I wish I knew of a source for free test strips…makes it very expensive to test my sugar 3 times a day….

    There is a company that you can go through. You have to have a prescription from your Dr and you have to submit financial info to them. I don’t have the info right here and DH is asleep, but I will try to remember to hunt for it tomorrow.

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    Welcome, Valerie!! Good to have you and I am sure you are going to love it here!! Just jump in and start posting and you’ll be a PRO in no time!! ;D

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    Welcome, Misty!! I am sure you will enjoy this site!! Jump in and start posting…….it’s the easiest way to get acquainted and learn your way around!!


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    Welcome MessyMama3!! Glad to have you!! ;D

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    Welcome, Dee2123!! Glad to have you!! ;D

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    Welcome, Jac! Glad to have you!! ;D

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    Welcome, QueenSissi!! ;D

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