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    @justme1510 506306 wrote:

    Hi there. I love swapping recipes and am always looking for something new to try. I am 69 years old, live in Kent, wa with my emotional support dog, miss nisi and her kitty peaches.

    the two of them keep me entertained with their antics! miss nisi and i love to go camping and now that i have bought a kennel and am training peaches to like it we can take her with us camping. i also love to read on my kindle and have a kindle business.

    hi! welcome to the site! i love camping too, but we don’t get to go very often.

    what kind of kindle business do you have? do you sell kindles or kindle books?

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    When I was pregnant with my son the ONLY place I could find decent maternity clothes at affordable prices was at Kmart. They actually had a really decent selection and I certainly had very little money.

    Aside from clothing there really aren’t any expenses. You don’t have to buy tampons/pads, so you save $10 a month. You can find a midwife and do a homebirth and save thousands on medical bills.

    We had ours at home and the total expense was $850, but we also didn’t have health insurance so that was from our own pocket. We had trained midwives, it was really wonderful, relaxing experience. We didnt have to rush around anywhere, try to make it to a hospital and ride in a car while in labor (which is excrutiating!).

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    This is such a great idea. We make homemade playdough and watercolors and have a “Rainy Day” craft box ready for when it’s nasty weather outside or too hot for the kids to play outside.

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    Ok, I’m game to play!

    • host a back to school swap with other moms/families- you’d be surprised at how many nearly new clothes your kids might still have in their closets. trade toys, books, clothes and more with other families (friends of your kids)
    • buy bright stuff- the brighter the colors, the better. put all their new pencils, pens, erasers, markers, etc in a brightly colored backpack – it makes it that much harder to steal
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    I just saw that this one was working this morning if you missed it earlier!

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    I’ve been thinking about making these for christmas gifts this year, but I’m not sure what else to include in the gift basket.. any ideas?

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    image not available this one is still working as of this morning 7/15 – you must copy and paste the link into a browser window or it will redirect you to a dead page.

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    I love this tutorial video, that’s so awesome! Thank you for posting it!

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    image not available
    In case you missed it before, this freebie is still available! Are you a member of Scott Shared Values? If you are you can log in to your account and request a FREE Roll of Scott Extra Soft Tissue!

    image not available I never used 4square before, guess I’ll have to now. We have a krispy Kreme just down the road here

    in reply to: PSA: 5/25 March Against Monsanto #439645

    I had NO Idea that we’ve been eating genetically mutated food. I thought that it was something they were considering doing down the road. I mean, I knew that they made hybrid seeds that were resistent to certain kinds of bugs, but I didn’t know that they literally splice them with viruses and bacteria!
    What I found particularly disturbing is that when they splice the plants they make it resistant to their own Herbicides and then use twice as much to kill the weeds around the plants so the soil is completely contaminated with huge doses of Roundup and other insecticides/herbicides.

    I’m joining the march in my area, thank you for sharing this!

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    BUMP98.gif This offer is still available as of 5/14 if you happen to have missed it the first time around !


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    Thanks, I was surprised to see this one was still available this morn!

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    image not available this one is still available, here is the link to their page: you must like them on fb to register for the sample

    image not available This could make for a really fun, inexpensive neighborhood block party!

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