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    This is exactly how i plan or don’t plan weekly menus and it is not working for me! I absolutely dislike trying to decide what to have for dinner as i am driving home from work every evening. Am going to begin using a menu planner to save money and save my sanity.

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas!!!

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    Thank you for the information. i wondered what an infraction was

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    This is my first venture onto a forum. Thank you for making it user friendly.

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    very helpful information!

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    first, stop drinking diet soda or any soda for that matter. second, actually start participating in the yoga class that i have been talking about taking. third, preplan menus that will make it harder for me to visit fast food places

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    1. A friend posted the super laundry sauce and i followed the link
    2. Cooking, diy projects, gardening, saving my hard-earned money.

    Utility bills
    4. creative ways to save money

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)