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    Yeap ,it also helped me a lot ,especially some saving tips help me save a lot of money .the cooking tips help me get fatter ,lol .

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    Hey ,welcome to this forum .Camping lover is here !! I also like hiking ,driving etc ,most of outdoor activities are my love .

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    Thank you ! If have to choose one of the two spices,I will choose lemon juice, vinegar is unbearable.

    in reply to: Buttermilk substitute #462599

    I am not good at cooking and don’t like lemon juice ,What should I do for my own buttermilk ?

    in reply to: Another cute date idea #462597

    Oh ,I never get such a note for 5 years .Let me remember ,the first time I got the note from my girlfriend ,when she cooked lunch for the first time ,I was very happy .Now as time passed ,we all never do some thing like this .

    in reply to: How we live on $18000 a year #462588

    I never have a accurate plan like that ,just can’t stop thinking where is my money ,I bought nothing and money is gone ….Thanks OP gave me the good ideas of how to save money for a better life .

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    Cool ,cool ideas .still benefit a lot from it and I wish I’ve read it in 2007 .

    in reply to: Chicken help #462555

    I have 4 chickens ,We usually feed them with a little bit of rice and grass,let them hang out on the year passed and we get 2 eggs each day if they don’t want baby.

    in reply to: Free fridge magnet from 1800junkrefund #462548

    I find it funny that the new stainless steel fridge need to add back the steel to make it magnetic just for these fridge magnets.

    in reply to: Article: How to Strip and Fix Sour Smelling Towels #462523

    A good helper for life .Wondering if don’t add any soap ,would it be cleared ?

    in reply to: Sweater Sleeve Repurpose into a Gift Bag #462519

    I like this gift ,beautiful and creative ~~:party1:

    in reply to: Ikea Cabinets = Awesome Bed! #462517

    Creative bed and it saves much space for each room .

    in reply to: Get the Baby Einstein Bundle for Free #462516

    Note : “The Offer You’re Looking For Has Reached It’s Limit Or Is No Longer Available At This Time”.It seems that I missed it.

    in reply to: FREE 1GB Data for Verizon Wireless customers #462507

    I signed up successfully for myself, and forwarded to my wife for personal plan.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)