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    I was a single mom with three–just keep trying. I tried to think of crock pot meals so that I would not be tempted to go out when I was tired after working in the ER. Every time you try, you will notice it gets better and easier to follow.

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    I use something like this for my “cream of anything” soup mix. I just mix the 2 cups flour and 2 1/2 cups dry milk and store in an airtight container. Then I use this and add whatever flavoring I want at the time I am making it.

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    @FreebieQueen 513915 wrote:

    Those are grain mill bugs, all processed grain has eggs in it, no matter how well processed. You can avoid this by freezing your grains for 24 hours Before storing them. It will kill the eggs.

    I did not know this.

    I have thankfully never had this problem but now I know what to do.

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    My wee one is 15 who hates everything. Long story but Mom let him get away with not eating veges so all he likes is corn, peas, green beans. He even hates lettuce.

    But thanks for the suggestions

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    That sounds pretty good too. And I have also used noodles since this last post. Works well and uses up leftover noodles. If I use spaghetti noodles and sloppy joes and have leftover buns, my family makes it into a sandwich again.

    Has a different taste but they still like it.

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    Can you substitute other veges for the carrots? I have one child that hates carrots…

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    My pantry is small but has been a life saver. Have fun stocking up!!

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    I have neither a deep fryer or pressure cooker—any other suggestions?

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    I know when I lived in VA, if you contacted the state bee association, there were people who needed land for their hives. They would care for everything and I charged them the rent of free honey.

    I use a mix of dawn, ammonia, baking soda and water in a spray bottle. Gets out alot of stains including old ones that have been “set” in the clothes. And it doesn’t discolor my whites with my well water.

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    I cook a large pork tenderloin in the crock pot-half for one meals, then the other half I will shred, add bbq sauce and put it into a crock pot later in the week for pulled pork sandwiches. I make my own bbq sauce so I always have some on hand.

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    My dryer has been broken for over 2 monthes so I strung line up in my basement to air dry my clothes. I have a large family so the shower rod is not big enough. (I live in MI)
    I also use cold water for all my laundry and with the laundry sauce recipe from here, it cleans just fine.

    It also decreases the hard water stains I have on my clothes.
    Another way I save money is I made my own wash rags for dishes instead of buying sponges. I can have a new rag everyday, and I just throw them in the washer when I wash my towels. The rags also hold dish soap longer so I end up using less soap also.

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    Also look at the Ramen Noodle recipes on this site. I have 4 teenager boys to feed along with their little sister and these recipes are good, filling and inexpensive.

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    @svidal 328185 wrote:

    1. Only pay with cash. If you have a budget of $75 total to spend for the week put the cash in your wallet no debit card .

    it is so much easier not to pick up that pack of gum at the checkout when you physically can touch how much you have left for the week.

    2. Only go to the store once a week. If you run out of something put it on next weeks list. I only shop on Wednesdays.

    If I forget something or we run out of something we wait till the next Wednesday. There isn’t anything in the house that can’t wait a week. The less trips to the store the less money spent.

    Also, if you are adding a must have to next weeks list then it will keep you from spending money on something that may not really be needed.

    i so agree with this one–i actually only do my big grocery shopping every other week. but in my budget i also include the milk and bread runs i need during the weeks inbetween. this saves alot of money for me.

    another suggested making from scratch and i agree with that as well.

    can keep food in the house and also healthier.

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    I love how we get charts about normal energy use, our neighbor’s and then ours which seems like twice the amount. Makes me wonder what the neighbor’s look like.

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