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    well, I usually don’t buy soda and actually haven’t in awhile…but when I can find sodas made with real sugar, I do buy them..We have been having iced tea and koolaid.

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    It has been around 105 degrees, 115 degrees heat index… humidity in the high nineties like always.

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    hot as the hinges on the gates of hell.

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    Well, found out today that my grocery budget has been made smaller again, as dh’s check is basically cut in half. Seriously.

    So…how to do with picky eaters?

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    I feel like we eat the same few meals over and over again. LOL.

    I am just getting tired of it…plus I want to cut down our budget. I need some help, too. Can more people post their menus, please?

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    This week the plan:


    b: breakfast quesadillas and orange juice (tortilla, egg, bacon, fried potatoes, cheese)
    l: roast beef sandwich, yogurt, fruit
    d: whole chicken roasted with potato, carrot, onion, chicken flavored rice, yeast rolls


    b: cinnamon rolls, banana, milk
    l: spaghetti and meatballs, yogurt, fruit
    d: leftovers


    b: poached eggs, toast, bacon, grits, banana, orange juice
    l: corn dogs, yogurt, fruit
    d: chicken taco soup, tortilla chips


    b: muffins, banana, milk
    l: chicken nuggets, bbq sauce, yogurt, fruit
    d: pork chops, gravy, dirty rice, green beans and potatoes


    b: oatmeal, banana, milk
    l: pb and j, yogurt, fruit
    d: red beans and rice


    b: cereal, banana, milk
    l: pizza, yogurt, fruit
    d: leftovers


    b: grits, eggs, banana, orange juice
    l: grilled cheese, soup, yogurt, fruit
    d: salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, yeast rolls

    cantaloupe , fresh cherries, honey dew, plums, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cupcakes (funfetti and white icing, yellow and chocolate icing), chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cheesecake, chips, chips and salsa

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    Well, I live out in a VERY rural area surrounded by woods, swamps, and water. I have Walmart and super 1 within driving distance, but super 1 is much more expensive (it is a chain owned by albertson’s and brookshire’s). I grew up eating all our groceries from there.


    lds isn’t big here…in fact, i know of no mormon churches or anything like it in the area. the nearest sam’s is in an entirely different town, and our truck gets 11 mile per gallon. LOL..

    so that is out. We don’t have a costco r anything like that.

    We used to shop at Kroger, but noticed how our bill was much higher for much less food than WalMart.

    I have thought about checking out schwan’s as they deliver..does anyone know if they are affordable, or will I do better at the store?

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    Does that really work, mixing the powdered with 1% or 2%?

    We usually buy only whole milk, and don’t really mind 2% that bad…. but HATE the taste of powdered milk.

    Also, the only store I can buy groceries is WalMart..does anyone know how expensive powdered milk is there?

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    Thanks, I filled out the form just now.

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    what is the asian beef and noodle bowl?

    I clicked the link and it just brought me right back here? LOL

    Thanks! That is awesome!

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    Thanks! I ordered one in my name, one in hubby’s. 🙂

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    Hi, Janie.. I am new here, too, and so far am loving it! I hope you do, too!

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    We can stock some things in the pantry, but not much in the freezer, as it is small and we have constant power outages down here for torrential storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc.

    It just would not be smart. We had an entire freezer stocked last summer and we lost power for almost 3 weeks and lost everything.

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