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    this looks so good! I think I’m going to try it next time I go shopping!

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    hello Marie, theres lots of neat things *and people* here! ^^

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    Oh boy bbq ribs! I havent had any in a long time. You’ve given me an idea!

    in reply to: Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Plan a Weekly Menu #426641

    Ah funny! My fiance has given me a few of those reasons actually.

    Like the grocery store one….he uses it as an excuse to keep me from buying everything freezable at the first of the month lol!

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    Hello! Welcome to the site. I’m sure you’ll find lots of cool stuff here.

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    I’ve learned that Sriracha Sauce is much like Tobasco sauce but less vinegar and more garlic.

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    I’ve had moderate luck on craigslist. Some things go fast and some things go slow. Basically, keep in mind how much you want…some people like to haggle so you can think of how much you want and add 5-10 bucks. People who truly want it will suggest a different price and you can put OBO.

    People who have replied on this have the right idea….only accept cash and before the stuff is loaded. Even with cash if you can buy a marker to check suspicious bills with do so. You’d be surprised how many people will trade fake bills for things.

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    I love veggies, Its getting my man and kids to eat them!

    Most nights with veggies would be green beans, wax beans or corn though if it was just me there’d be much much more. In stir fly, Thai food, or stew I can get away with broccoli, cauliflower, peas, carrots ect.

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    The only time I made candles was for an art project. I was a kid at the time but remember dumping rectangles or wax into a jar with crayon for color. The jars where boiled in water to heat the wax and would take wicks and dip them and then dip in water and dip in wax…then water….then wax and form it with our hands while doing so.

    The process seemed simple but I’m not sure what wax they used or of any specific measurements.

    Beyond…that…One hurricane season I melted down a ton of tiny candles and made a big ball of wax with a twisted napkin for a wick. It was probably dangerous. LAwl The thing was like a torch and no wind was putting it out!

    Thank you all for your replies! I’ll have to check out the local dollar tree from some measuring stuff and maybe a bread pan since I don’t have one. It also turns out that I no longer have a cake pan!

    XD I went to make a cake, one of the few baking things I can do, and found it gone! Which means momma took it when she moved. haha

    Its off the topic for baking….but….

    Is there any way to do the crock pot meals if you don’t own crockpot? Between bills and diapers my money is shot for the month! Those crock pot recipes look mighty tempting though…

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    thanks frugaljan. I have to laugh because I made that last post from my message box and thought I was messaging some one! HAHA xD

    in reply to: 1 Income Family of 6 #423474

    my gosh jaime…I didn’t know about angelfood…and they take foodstamps! I think I just found a lifesaver!

    in reply to: Rechargable Batteries #423441

    My son, who is five, destroys wired mice from the way he holds a mouse…So we bought a wireless mouse that has rechargeable batteries. I have found them extremely useful because with all the pc time between us batteries need to be swapped every 24 hours. I bought a Rayovac battery charger and energizer rechargeable batteries for it.

    I have found that the batteries do better if you use them till they don’t work then let them charge fully. So I have 4 AAA and my mouse takes 2 at a time. Since my recharger can charge aa i have aas that go in my remote and kids toys.

    i recommend getting them.

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    Hello, I noticed that this was approved but my other posts…such as the newbie post…are still not up. I’d like to know if I somehow wrote something that is unapproved or if I simply need to be patient.

    Thank you for your time


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    One thing my Mom does that has stuck to my family for an occasional emergency/lazy meal is pasta, cheese whiz and tomato sauce….she eyeballs amounts so…

    2-3 servings of pasta {elbow noodles, shells, etc}
    1-2 small hunts tomato sauce cans
    three big spoonfuls of cheese whiz

    1. Heat up a pot of pasta…typically enough for two maybe three people
    2. drain pasta, leave in the pot

    dump a small can of tomato sauce…we use hunts usually. You can add another small can or do one regular can instead for a large pot
    4. add cheese whiz and mix well.

    around three big spoonfuls…sauce is orange-red

    flavor to taste, my mother never flavored but I use garlic and pepper

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