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  • BUMP98.gif This one is still available!

    Delicious home-cooked meals for your family that are specially designed for today’s busy cook.

    Reynolds Kitchens Promotions: Signature Family Recipes

    in reply to: Repeal Obamacare Bumper Sticker #432190

    :disallowed: This offer is still available- better hurry & get one to stick on your car before they vote on this Lifechanging/status changing event!

    Sidenote about ObamaCare:
    Did you know that if you can’t afford the massive tax they are going to stick you with that you’ll be FINED for it?

    in reply to: Free Obama-Biden Bumper Sticker #432063

    lol, I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to admit they voted for him the first time, let alone wanting to do it again. That hopey-change thing they talked about- well I hoped for change and now when I get my paycheck, thats ALL thats left!

    in reply to: Free Boss Orange Fragrance Sample #431644

    BUMP98.gif This one is still available! Discover the fragrance of BOSS Orange.
    Please allow 28 days for delivery. Only one sample per household will be provided.

    in reply to: your personal diaster relief… #431379

    Our supplies, Matches/Lighters, Water and ammo, lots of ammo. i look at it this way, i can shoot, cook & clean any food i need & remove anyone/thing that tries to steal from us.

    in an emergency i have no problems with eradicating thieves/moochers/looters or other undesirables.

    i am often shocked at the number of people that mass-stock items. I dont know what good does it do? if you’re hit with a tornado- all that stuff is carried away. if you’re hit by flooding, it’s gone, if you’re hit by nuclear fallout- crap- just shoot yourself, the earth wont be worth living on anyway!

    for me, water is about the only legit item worth stocking and since we don’t have much space, we stock water purifier tablets & several clean jugs. (there’s a river very close to our house).

    personally, i think people are too attached to “stuff”. they’ve lost the ability to live off the land, to find natural food sources & to prepare their own food.

    in reply to: Fizzy Wizzy Bath Tablets for kids #429599

    impatient smilie Is this one ever going to quit? It’s making the rounds AGAIN. It’s a Crap Offer People

    in reply to: Free Travel Sewing Kit #429506

    This crap offer is making the rounds again.
    Here are the other sites being hosted on the Same IP Address:

    Hosted in (9):

    1) 09e771936a4c103ef0db7c99f0af8c51
    2) 089dab1b17b2ddb1eddc51d9aad1cca9
    3) 5d051b79d643a7000e963aefb3dfcab2
    4) 11eddc670a6b4fbc24573770d83dd9b6
    5) 42f36f27cb0e5ced9f846179d81b7561
    6) 21667de63f9f8a368b82092831374c16
    7) ad1efa0bdfebea99e0a9b1c4fe2801ee
    8) 9d8e3aa8550356336b48769c4f966ab

    in reply to: SCAM ALERT: Free sample of clorox anywhere spray #429199

    image not available
    Thanks for the heads Up on this SCAM! I HATE HATE HATE sites like this that try to Prey on people’s trusting nature.

    Thought I would add to the info already listed, this site has 46 different urls listed under the same IP address of:

    When scanned it returns a large number of warnings for the following:

    Malicious Domain List
    Malware Domain List

    Abuse Log

    Private Domain Registration

    in reply to: Pinecone Research Invitation Link- Women ages 18-24 ! Hurry! #428822

    I FINALLY got it to this program, thank you! smiley eat drink smilie

    This one is still working, you have to hurry if you plan to do this for halloween

    in reply to: Free LongShot Golf Impact Labels #428747

    Thanks! I got one to put on my baseball bat to keep by the door to scare jehovahs witnesses away when they visit. I figured the “IMPACT” would get my point across. deadhorse  smilie

    in reply to: Iso pocupine meatballs #428220

    Try these :

    1 pound ground round steak
    1 cup bread crumbs
    1 egg
    4 tablespoons chopped onions
    2 tablespoons chopped green peppers
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon pepper

    3/4 cup raw rice
    1 cup tomato soup or tomato puree
    2 cups water

    Mix all but last 3 ingredients. Shape into small balls and roll in the uncooked rice, Heat tomato soup and water in heavy pan with a tight fitting cover. {Dutch oven is the best} for this.

    Place balls in the tomato mixture cover and cook slowly 45 minutes or until meat is tender and the rice is done.

    in reply to: Free 30 Day Membership to DirectBuy – SCAM #428030

    Yuppers, it’s $4,600 to begin with PLUS an Annual Fee (in the ballpark of $250+)

    in reply to: Tomato Plants From Stem Cuttings #422993

    @Chris Mac 121278 wrote:

    Stolen Content

    This material is copyrighted by me and it needs to be removed immediately. Clearly, you realize by now that this is illegal for you to do and my next course of action will be to petition your server to take down your entire website as well as inform Google to longer allow you to use Adsense on your site.

    If you think this can’t happen, trust me, I’ve done it before and I’ll not hesitate to do so again.

    Chris McLaughlin

    Seriously, what an @ss-hole. The moderators on this site respond very quickly to the reports. If you were really worried about this you would have reported the post!

    :074: Liss posted step by step directions- with photos, i’m sure you could have figured it out if you tried.

    liss- now i understand why you disappear from the site now and then.

    in reply to: Free Southwest Lifestyle Body Cream sample #397561

    I was just going through My email folders and came across this dandy:



    Your Free Southwest Lifestyle Sample!

    Thank you for visiting Southwest Lifestyle and ordering a Body Cream sample!

    We promised we would be in touch with you to confirm your order. I apologize for
    taking a few days to do this.

    This email…

    tells why it took so long
    contains important information about your sample
    explains what you must do to receive it
    has a brief history of our company

    First, let me introduce myself.

    I’m Matthew Cox, and I’ve been married to The Desert Rose for over 22 years.

    Well, to be truthful, she wasn’t always The Desert Rose.

    Her skin was so rough; I called her “The Alligator Lady.”

    Then, in the fall of 2003, she finds a new Body Cream.

    After using this cream for less than a month, she goes from “The Alligator Lady” to
    “The Desert Rose” with beautiful, silky skin.

    We talk to the cream’s creator and learn the ingredient and product philosophy.

    We reach an agreement to develop an entire skin care line using that philosophy.

    It takes us over three years but we finish the task.

    The result is Southwest Lifestyle Skin Care products.

    Up until July 9, 2008, Southwest Lifestyle was a small, family-owned business. Our
    family owns other, larger businesses and, to be honest, we didn’t have the time to
    market these skin care products.

    Don’t get me wrong… – we love these products!

    We use the products every day.
    We have a few loyal customers who use the products every day.
    We know the products are effective.

    In fact, they are so effective we know that once the marketplace discovers Southwest
    Lifestyle Body Care Products, there will be a buying frenzy.

    As a result, we decide not to do much to market the products.

    In the Summer of 2007, we put up a page on our website offering a free 1-ounce
    sample of Southwest Lifestyle Body Cream – that’s enough for about 5-7 days of use
    and a $2 value.

    However, after talking with our business mentors, we decide that isn’t good enough.

    You need to use this Body Cream for a month to receive the full benefit.

    So, we discontinue the first offer and change to a second offer.

    The second offer is for a free FULL SIZE 4-ounce jar, a $14 value. This is an entire
    month’s supply. We request 7.95 for shipping and handling plus any local sales tax.

    We intend to remove the webpage for the free 1-once sample.

    We forget about it.

    Then, on the morning of July 9, 2008, something amazing happens.

    I wake up, go into my home office, and start the day.

    I power up my computer, go the kitchen, and turn on the coffee maker.

    I open Outlook to download my email and go back into the kitchen to put creamer into
    my coffee mug.

    I come back into my office to read my email while the coffee finishes brewing.

    My email is still downloading.

    I roll my eyes, thinking the worst.

    Did my computer lock up again? No.

    Do I have an usually large amount of spam? No.

    Why do I have so much email?

    Imagine my surprise when I discover we have over 700 requests for a free sample from
    a page that I forgot was on the website.

    Imagine my surprise in the succeeding days as the requests come in at the rate of
    5-6 a minute during the day and 1-2 a minute during the night.

    We have thousands of responses to an offer that it no longer available.

    What to do? What to do?

    We have a quick meeting and come up with a plan.

    It’s a plan that I hope isn’t too much trouble to you.
    It’s a plan that allows you to still receive a free Body Cream.
    It’s a plan where you benefit even more!

    I’ll tell you the plan in a moment but first, let me tell you a few things about our


    At first, you may NOT like our Body Cream. You may think it leaves the skin oily.
    You may think the product feels grainy in colder weather.

    If you do, you are comparing Southwest Lifestyle Body Cream to other lotions.

    These other lotions use ingredients to stabilize the product texture. These
    ingredients work by absorbing moisture. These ingredients also absorb the moisture
    from your skin when you apply the lotions.

    As a result, you expect your skin to feel dry within one to two hours of using the

    You may expect your skin to feel the same way when you use Southwest Lifestyle Body

    It won’t.

    Southwest Lifestyle Body Cream is the solution to life-long skin problems. It is
    rich in coconut oil to moisturize the skin. It has abundant beeswax to lock in the
    moisture. It has healing oils that leave the skin moist and glowing for hours.

    Most people only need to apply the cream once per day.

    The Body Cream may feel oily in warm weather and grainy in cold weather when you
    reach into the jar. However, once you apply it to your skin, your body temperature
    “stabilizes” the product and you experience the same luxurious treatment each and
    every time.

    You are smart to want to try this product. It is like nothing else on the market
    today. Your skin will thank you when you use it!

    However, if you don’t act quickly, you may have to wait a while to use it.

    As I said earlier, Southwest Lifestyle is currently a small family business. We know
    this is changing. More than 10,000 people have requested this free sample and the
    number increases every day.

    (As of July 12, the number is 11,130.)

    As a result, we have to make some adjustments. We’ve done this with our other
    business so we know what to do here and we will get it done.

    We’ll do the work. We just ask you to be patient because it will take time.


    The offer for a free 1 ounce sample is no longer available. However, you may receive
    a free FULL SIZE 4 ounce sample if you pay shipping and handling plus any applicable
    local sales tax.

    Follow the instructions below to receive your free Body Cream.

    1, Use an address below to select the scent of Body Cream you desire.
    2. Click on checkout.
    3. You will be asked to login (using your email address and password) or register
    4. After you register, you will need to login with your new account info
    5. Confirm your information to go to the checkout page.
    6. Enter the discount code FREECREAM to receive a Body Cream free.
    7. You may shop for other items if you desire (Shipping is a flat rate of $7.95 on
    orders under $100. Shipping on orders of $100 or more is FREE.)
    8.Finish check out

    If you want a Body Cream immediately, I encourage you to order right away.

    As of July 12, we have 242 full size Body Creams in stock. We have ordered the
    ingredients to make thousands more. Those will be available in 2-4 weeks.

    The first 242 to respond will receive the cream right away. After that, you may have
    to wait 4-6 weeks to receive your product.

    Go ahead and order now to guarantee you receive your order immediately.

    Thanks for your patience!

    For YOUR Success,

    PS – The offer for a free 1 ounce sample is no longer available. However, you may
    receive a free FULL SIZE 4 ounce sample if you pay shipping and handling. Click here
    for details.

    What an entirely long winded way to say “We’re full of crap & we want to screw you over!”

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)