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  • @theboysmom 320662 wrote:

    While looking around the site during the surprise challenge time period was knocked of the site and had to sign in will just look around the site from now on, not wasting time when getting knocked off that often!!

    you’re using internet explorer as a browser aren’t you? it’s not the site that booted you, it’s your browser. ie has issues.

    if you want to avoid being logged out in the future, use the “remember me” button when you log in.

    or switch to a decent browser like chrome or ff. ie has the biggest security glitches of all of them.

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    in reply to: 8 Questions to Ask before Vaccination- Free Brochure #440565

    Interesting facts that go along with the above post:

    In 1976, 796,000 children were learning disabled. – Today 1 child in 6 is learning disabled.
    In 1979, there were 2 million asthmatic children.- Today 1 child in 9 has asthma.
    In 1970, 1 child in 2,500 developed autism.- Today 1 child in 150 develops autism.
    In 1970, 1 child in 1,750 was diabetic.- Today 1 child in 450 becomes diabetic

    In the 70’s we didn’t mass vaccinate- today we inject kids and babies with nearly 50 doses of toxins before they turn 6

    Source: National Vaccine Information Center – Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice. National Vaccine Information Center

    in reply to: Moving to Michigan #440563

    @N8vPride 312446 wrote:

    Well crud… we really don’t have a choice, it’s not like we are moving just to move. lol I’d rather go back to wa state, it was cheaper to live there.

    thank you! i will make sure i look into it more and plan well.

    if it’s not really a choice of living there, i’d really recommend heading over to to the $50 menu plan help page- they choose a zipcode to feature about twice a month and list the best places to get groceries for a family of 4 for about $50 a week. Maybe that will help you?

    Here’s the page: – $50 Menu Plan Help | Budget Menu Plan

    in reply to: how to find extra money in your budget #440535

    we too canceled our garbage pick-up service. It was outrageously expensive for the 3 little bags of rubbish every other week! We don’t eat any prepackaged foods (namely due to hidden GMO’s!) and we feed scraps of fruits and veggies to our animals rather than tossing them out.

    in reply to: Moving to Michigan #440466

    @N8vPride 310400 wrote:

    Hi y’all, next spring(ish) my family is moving to Michigan… Flushing area. Does anyone know what the cost of living is up there?

    We are currently in Alabama and it’s insanely expensive to live down here.

    oh my! please please please research the area before you move, michigan is about twice the cost of living of alabama !!! here are the differences between your area in alabama and mi:

    • groceries 8%more in MI
    • Housing 4%more in MI
    • Utilities 12%less in MI
    • Transportation 12%more in MI
    • Health Care 17%more in mi

    cost of living calculator: compare the cost of living in two cities – cnnmoney

    in reply to: Wanna Make Him Love You #440460

    How about things a Man should do for a Woman? How about that? I’m tired of turning myself inside out to please a man, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    in reply to: Trouble Nursing #440459
    hrahn918;295422 wrote:
    Thank you so much! Hopefully those work!

    How are things going? Are you still nursing successfully?

    in reply to: Anyone hear about B. Electmart Company? #440458

    It sounds like a fraudulent fake check scam. Here is another user that contacted the bank listed on the check:

    Is B. Electmart Company a fraud?

    – Yahoo! Answers

    Sorry I didn’t see your post sooner, I hope you didn’t get taken in by these [email=”b@st@rds”]b@st@rds[/email].

    in reply to: Any Suggestions on Cash Gifting Communities #440380

    @lexibethr 300795 wrote:

    cash gifting is one thing that ive never heard of..or maybe I have and don’t realize does it work?

    Read the first 2 posts, they explain the scam pretty clearly…

    in reply to: FREE PVC Go-Cart Plans #440167

    @sam042013 303169 wrote:

    Page was not found. 🙁

    folks, please read the comments in the thread. this post is dead, it’s 4 Years Old and has been marked Dead already!

    in reply to: Salvaging a tomato plant #439827

    @jrodgers 296530 wrote:

    The plant may send up new growth from the roots, depending on how much damage was done and how old the plant is.

    The top of the plant can be encouraged to grow roots by taking a cutting putting it in water in a vase (or the bottom 2/3 of a quart milk jug) – cover at least one lower leaf and then put it where it will get some sunshine. You should have roots and be ready to plant within about 2 weeks. Just a note: I am not encouraging you to create more plants; that would be illegal because tomato varieties are often patented.

    However when you bought one plant you bought the right to raise and enjoy fruit from one plant, and this is just one plant.

    I don’t know which is more sad to me… the fact that she worked so hard to grow a beautiful plant and it crashed and broke and she’s trying to save it… or the fact that jrodgers had to add a legal disclaimer to her post because some corporation out there Patented Vegetable Seeds!!!

    The level of depravity in this world just keeps increasing by the day!

    in reply to: Free examination gloves – flavored & regular #439326

    @FreebieQueen 290103 wrote:

    Cherry, Grape & bubblegum flavored examination gloves

    perfect touch sample request

    request a sample

    where should we send your sample?

    sample request

    flavored gloves, ain’t that a trip!

    in reply to: Just a vent — #438902

    @bethaliz6894 286325 wrote:

    I am wrapped up in a blanket, windows closed and freezing because of global ‘warming’.

    I bet your paper is going to go over about as easy as it would be to convince a vegan that ‘milk does a body good’. 😀 global warming seems to be the big bandwagon everyone has jumped on. if you don’t agree, then you need to be ousted.

    I will be standing out in the cold with you.

    Hehe, haven’t you heard, it’s Global Climate Change now, not global warming. Although we’re more inclined to believe that like the millions of years before, the Earth is just cycling towards it’s next ice age. Stands to reason that like the seasons, it’s coming around again.

    As for the sustainable living- I do agree with that, that’s just basic math. If you don’t conserve your resources, you’ll run out. Pretty simple to understand.

    What bemuses us about the Global Warming deal is the politicians who spout off about it, then jump in their (Highly fueled) Private Jets and fly around the world to spread their gospel. Really? I’m sure those jets aren’t consuming huge amounts of fuel and emitting nasty gases into the air all because they’re spreading the good word about Global Climate Change.

    My eyes are rolling so hard right now, My mother 4 states away just called to tell me they were going to stick that way if I didn’t cut it out. :drama:

    in reply to: free trial SiriusXM #436647

    Gaah In all honesty, I dropped them like a hot potato when they sent me a bill for nearly $300 for a year of music. Their channels were LOADED with advertisements for penis issues and I couldn’t take it anymore! So – now we listen to Pandora (free) while we’re on the road.

    in reply to: Repeal Obamacare Bumper Sticker #432196

    @Kathy0308 236736 wrote:

    yup and they have hired 16,000 new IRS agents to do the enforcing/collecting of those fines. think about THAT before voting for Nobama

    :groan: I KNOW! Like we need more of those Morons screwing with our Taxes!

    This country is going straight to hell in a handbasket with these insane laws & Big Government tactics. Isn’t it ironic that the only jobs this man creates are the ones we have to fund anyway?

    If I wanted to fund someone elses living I would hire a maid :mopping: at least than I’d reap some of the benefits of what I’m paying for.

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