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    @JackieZ62379 435345 wrote:

    According to rules of having at least one post to download this free, I have 7 and it still is trying to send me to paypal to pay for it….what am I doing wrong? Anyone??

    What you’re doing wrong it the following:

    1. There is no 2014 eBook, (well, none yet, doesn’t mean there wont be).
    2. The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month is NOT Free, Not sure where you got that misinformation from.
    3. There HAVE been several promotions to download the Family Guide FOR FREE, but those were limited time, special offers and always stated so in the post.

    I suspect the ebook you saw for free was the Original Ebook, How to feed a family of 4 for under $200, which was written in 2001, by Liss.

    in reply to: Unlimited Downloads #451243

    Wow, seriously? I was not allowed to download the 2012 grocery for 250 dollars for 4, it said I had to pay.

    Again, still not sure why you think you should get this for free, I answered your other 3 threads about it.

    Did you download a bunch of things thinking it would “unlock it” for you?

    @Zoeypuppy 429883 wrote:

    I’m having a time with it as well. It just wants to give me the option to buy the kindle addition for a dollar. . . .

    Yeah, as the post stated, “available for free Starting at 12:30 am Saturday February 1st- (give or take a few minutes for amazon to catch up to your time zone!) until Sunday February 2, at Midnight.

    Today is February 11th. You missed it.impatient smilie

    in reply to: WAHM’s & Dads Wanted: Budget101 Bloggers Wanted! #448524

    @brokemom1 408955 wrote:

    I tried to view the form but it says I don’t have permission, why?

    It’s a setting on the site- it states that one of requirements is that you must have at least 5 posts.

    We are opening this up to our community only, you must be a registered member with 5 or more posts on the site to apply.”

    I suspect that once you have reached 5 or more posts, the form will become accessible to your membership level.

    There are several different levels of membership on the site- if you’re new there is a pink Notice bubble at the top of your page whenever you’re on Budget101 that says “Levels of Membership”. I’d take a minute to read that, it’s actually quite helpful

    Hope this answers your question!balloony  smilie

    in reply to: WAHM’s & Dads Wanted: Budget101 Bloggers Wanted! #448450

    @spikelynn 407981 wrote:

    I would love to do this. I have wanted to get into writing for a very long time and I could sure use an extra few bucks! Please, send me all info on how I should get started.

    the post doesn’t say “hit the reply button” to request information, it specifically says to pm liss- with a link so you can.

    😉 also, the post states you must be a member with at least 5 posts and in looking at your profile, I see you only have 1 post currently. So you might want to post a bit more before you try to apply so you aren’t instantly disqualified. Just sayin’ mornincoffee smilie

    in reply to: Carpet cleaner #446445

    @MsJeanBarbeau 391523 wrote:

    Does anyone have a DIY carpet cleaner receipe. I have a female dog that likes to tag my carpets.. Please Help.

    Several members have reported using the Super Laundry Sauce recipe in their bissell green machines to clean carpets, you may want to check that thread. Also, there are multiple carpet cleaning recipes here on the site that may help as well: – – Search

    Check under the Pets forum too, they have a ton of solutions for urine stains from pets

    in reply to: Levels of Registration #446398

    @bored2tears 391453 wrote:

    I’ve not heard of such tight regulationsto visit a site before. I understand security issues but this is totally new to me. No offense.

    I know, it would be great if other sites would follow suit, I’ve given up a few forums that I enjoyed due to losers that constantly slipped through.

    There really are very few rules here actually, the levels are more like rewards for those that participate and are active.

    I love this system, it really weeds out the losers/spammers/ porn posters and trolls.:eatpopcorn:

    In the beginning Liss was far too lenient but after several years of dealing with @sshats, she really tightened ship and strung the fools out to dry.

    chillpill-1 It’s quite refreshing knowing that you can spend time on a forum without being bombarded with trolls, they have a tendency to get nipped in the bud right off the bat.

    Welcome to the site! Make sure you check out the challenges and the Free Stuff section too.

    @Carol518 391403 wrote:

    Disappointed. I would love to have this for free but it costs $2.99. If it does goes free I will order it.

    I understand your impatience, but as the Post clearly States, it’s not free until midnight tonight.

    when is it free?: Sunday, December 29th at 12:01 AM Thru Midnight January 2nd

    in reply to: ? on preservation of mixes #445486

    There’s actually a page on the kitchenmixgifts part of that addresses this question in more detail. You can view it here:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    in reply to: newbie #445482

    geez, I havent even figured your website out and you are pressuring me to post 5 times to get to certain parts of the site and free up some clutter in your webpage. I am new to this, hence the title newbie. Thanks for making me feel so welcome and UNCOMFORTABLE.

    :drama: The notice boxes are to help you find your way. They used to be “dismiss-able” for newbies, but too many newbies complained that they couldn’t find their way around without them after they prematurely dismissed them.

    LOL. I’m sure the owner and the volunteer mods would love any suggestions you have for making the 400,000+ pages in this site more User friendly for you, I know I’m all ears!

    Let me grab some popcorn first though image not available

    in reply to: Impending Shutdown- Does it Affect you? #443990

    It’s no longer an impending shutdown, it happened. It’s sad that we elected these fools and now we’re all the ones paying the price. I’d love to see this mess repealed!


    here’s a fix for our healthcare problem:
    the american health care reform act | republican study committee (rsc)

    @TeresaAmyx 342729 wrote:

    make these downloads easier or I won’t use your site and will put it down!!!

    Liss, when someone treats you like that imho you don’t owe them an explanation.

    A. the post is 5 years old and the date is clearly marked.
    b. she couldn’t figure out it was hosted elsewhere and blames the site for her ignorance

    she was rude as hell.
    d. she acted like she was doing you a favor by being here

    she’s either:

    a. completely new to the internet (& her ignorance should be forgiven)
    b. dumber than dirt

    A troll

    at this point, i’m really leaning towards troll, no one is that self-righteous and rude, right??

    in reply to: Love the Fall Crafts #443548

    @vrthing 334224 wrote:

    I am really enjoying finding fall crafts to decorate with on this site. I am moving to a new home in a couple of weeks, and can’t wait to decorate it. Your ideas are outstnading!

    I’ll say! Have you seen the witches Apothecary Jars that Liss made? OMG those are the bomb for halloween decorations! – – Witches Apothecary Shop – Witch Bottles | Homemade Halloween Decor

    I made a few last year and they were a big hit at our Annual Autumn Potluck gathering, my friends loved them.

    in reply to: Free Sample Animal Parade Kidgreenz Children’s Chewables #442726

    This one just worked for me, so it’s still running.

    in reply to: ISO: Washing Soda #441920

    @MissM1240 322140 wrote:

    Where can I buy washing soda? I have never heard of it before.

    You can purchase it in the laundry detergent aisle as the post mentions or you can purchase it online at amazon. The links are within the ingredients list in the article/recipe.

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