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    I’d love to see a Woman in the Whitehouse, but NOT Hillary!! Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sending for these stickers so I can BURN them, since they are trying to elect Hillary!! image not available

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    @jimcooper88 716993 wrote:

    So you getting good response than you should share your ideas…

    what ideas are you hoping she shares? she answered the question, she’s a rep for the company. i think the only question now is, does she actually make money and is she still doing it since her last post. most of those mlm companies fall by the wayside after the first couple years because people get tired of the same thing over and over.

    like scentsy, amway, celltech, etc.

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    @sb453541 602916 wrote:

    I was trying to get to the super laundry sause for dummies and it brought me to this page why is that?

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and deduce that you apparently clicked a dead link, haha. Here’s the recipe you were seeking:

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    BUMP98.gif this one up, it’s still available folks.

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    @Jordan23 585168 wrote:

    Not even close to how Cracker Barrel makes there ckn and dumplins

    lol, that’s rather interesting because i’ve eaten at cracker barrel and i’ve made this recipe and i completely disagree with you. this is pretty spot on actually.

    care to share your recipe jordan?

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    @mitzielarocco 555807 wrote:

    I have been on this site for over 30 minutes trying to find the recipe for magic erasers. this is the 3rd time I visited this site. It is Very poorly navigated.

    Not user friendly I am not going to post any of this because i dont’ want my friends to go wasting their time on a wild goose chase

    where in the world is the magic eraser recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol, anyone else find it amusing that this person is having a hissy fit about finding directions to making something and the answer is literally in the post above her own???

    just wow. i don’t know how the writer of the post could have put it any more clearly than she did already, but let me try. magic erasers are nothing more than melamine foam.

    therefor, in order to make your ow magic eraser you would simply purchase melamine foam and cut it into little rectangles. it costs about 1/10 of the price.

    There’s really no need to whine about poor navigation. You clearly found the post, you just didn’t take the time to read and understand it. smh

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    You visit the link and enter the code in all 5 slots, like it says 😉

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    @petunia67 507338 wrote:

    Page not found I tried a few different times but I’ve never found anything that is really free online except sites saying their stuff was free.

    sounds like maybe you have a problem with your browser, the link is working fine, and the sample is still available, i just accessed it with no issues whatsoever. of course, i couldn’t sign up for it again, as i signed up for it a couple days ago when it was posted, but here’s a screenshot for you:

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    in reply to: login #454124

    It would appear that your antivirus program is set for beginners, or those with little web experience. I couldn’t imagine allowing a program to shut off features online so that it can “do its job”, that’s like a baker buying a cake at walmart to give to his customers who ordered a cake, lol.

    if you want real antivirus/malware protection without shutting off features from your computer to block your online experience you can download malwarebytes from

    it is the only computer std prevention program that i use, but then again, i’ve been around the web for 16 years, so I’ve grown accustomed to knowing the difference between a decent site and a potentially dangerous site.

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    image not available
    I don’t know if the flavor options changed since you posted this or if you just picked the wrong flavor 😉 but the current flavor options are:

    2. Very Cherry
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    image not available This one ist still working

    @Shearoe 462398 wrote:

    Hey all-am new to this site and desperately looking for help in reducing our grocery budget. One of our biggest obstacles (or so i have thought) is our diet-restrictions. For a variety of reasons, we don’t eat any type of grain (includes rice, eggs, oats, wheat, etc), dairy, soy, corn, any refined sugar, or beans.

    We eat all types of preservative-free meats, all fruits, all vegetables, most nuts (no peanuts), & only natural sugars (honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup).

    We are a family of 4, and we currently spend $600 per month in food. We rarely if ever eat out, I make tons of stuff from scratch (coconut milk, almond butter & milk, ketchup, mayo, lara bars, etc). i shop based on the weekly prices and ads, buy ahead and freeze when available, and do things i can to reduce cost, but i really wish i could shave off more.

    any suggestions or ideas???

    are you part of a food co-op in your area? generally you can buy in bulk with a co-op and save cash. do you garden at all?

    where does the majority of your grocery budget go- which expenses are the highest?

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    My “Budget” Bucket list consists of the following:

    1. Cutting up All credit card offers that arrive in the mail.
    2. Cutting out ALL unnecessary expenses from this years budget

    Thoroughly check out a “charity” Before I donate
    4. Explore a nearby park
    5. Visit Stonehenge

    Help a Complete Stranger
    7. Stop Procrastinating

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    in reply to: Vanilla Buttermilk Bath Recipe #452390

    If you want to make this a great detox bath add 1 tsp camphor crystals to the mix. It’s great for spring allergies 1heartjar smilie

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    image not available thanks, I sent for this one!

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