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    ok I think this will be my next recipe to try. We are really tired of the “western” mentality of adding chemicals, dyes and artificial junk into every product. I am glad to see we aren’t the only ones

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    I have found my “drug” of choice!! Making and using this soap!! I am telling everyone about it and can’t keep quiet about it.

    Yes the smell is so nice. It isn’t a perfume smell, just like when you hang you clothes to dry in the sun smell. My husband and I are Martial Arts teachers and our uniforms get real sweaty and stinky.

    Other really expensive brands never made our clothes smell good. This DOES! I have made 4 batches this past 2 weeks and am “biting at the bit” to make more.

    All I can say is thank you for this recipe!

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    Welcome, I have made the laundry sauce that was on my FB page. It is the best!!!

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    Welcome! Once you start looking at this site, give yourself at least an hour per visit. It is hard to get away.

    Hope you have fun like I am.

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    I made the same sauce and am addicted to it! I have been giving away trial sizes of it to my friends so they can see making stuff at home can be better than store bought. Welcome!

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    Hi! I am new too but I can say, I may not post too much but I am addicted to this site. The Mom’s super laundry sauce recipe is the best!! I seriously want to make a new batch every week, but I can’t use it that fast! I hope you try the ideas here. My next venture is the dish washing pods. Welcome!

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    My favorite dish to bring is homemade bread with butter. Everyone seems to forget that you need something to scoop up the sauces from the meat and beans with something. I have a old Italian bread recipe from my Nana that works with every dish.

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    My top five kitchen gadgets are tough to decide, but here it goes.
    A very sharp chef knife, bamboo wooden spoon, a large heavy bowl, cast iron skillet and Kitchen Aid mixer.
    I have lots of gadgets and use them, but I have found that the basics are the most important ones. I can make most any dish if I have a knife, bowl, mixing spoon and cast iron skillet. My kitchen Aid just makes everything quicker to make!

    As a culinary Adviser at a highschool, I not only need to know how to use lots of gadgets, but I also need to know how to improvise as well. ( I often don”t have the proper tool at school, so I use what I have, The Basics!)

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    Thanks! I work at a school and we give gifts to each other at Christmas. What a totally great gift and unique! I just would prefer to use containers that are a little more cost effective. Thank you for responding so quickly! Have a blessed night.

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    Hey. I ran across your post. I know when money gets tight, I still use meats in my meals but I seriously stretch it out with pastas, rice or beans. Also, I make lots of one pot meals. Also a trick I do for us that really works to stretch your food. Put the meal on small plates/ bowls. I find we eat, get full but there is tons of food left. We tend to push food down, even if we are full, but when portions are smaller, you eat till comfortable. Also, buy veggies at Asian stores or fruit and veggie stands. The prices are way less. Also consider growing veggies and fruits in a small garden. Kids love to help out and you can save by stocking up and using your grown foods all year. Good luck to you.

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    I am also new to the site and trying to figure out all the neat stuff on here. I really am hooked on the homemade laundry soap. I love making it and using it. My clothes smell so clean but without a scent. Hard to explain but it’s true. I can’t wait to make the “box” mixes. I use cake mixes all the time so this would be a real money saver. Thanks all for the great info

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    K so I couldn’t wait to make the “sauce for dummies”so I made a triple batch of the original. I turned out way better than the first time. I am making it for my mom who lives far away from me and loves to get homemade gifts. I hope this will be a unique gift for her birthday! Question if anyone knows, can this soap be stored in plastic Tupperware or baggies? Or is glass the only way? Thanks ahead of time.

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    Well I tried the mom’s super laundry soap. The recipe was explained really well and I will admit the pictures helped a lot! I have washed about 20 loads of laundry since then and I have one word to say about it. WOWOHMYITSTHEBESTEVERSOAP! Ok we’ll that isn’t one word, but wow is it. The results were way more than I expected! Our towels even after washing them (with regular store bought soap) smelled like corn chips! Didn’t know why and couldn’t seem to fix it. Now everything smells like clothes hung out on a line. That oh so clean, want to sniff it all day smell. But it isn’t perfumed its just the perfect smell of clean! Tomorrow I am going to make the no cooking method for dummies laundry sauce.

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