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    hello everybody
    hope to find help here. i am thinking about the New Year present for my daughter, 4 years. choosing between two options – trike and play tent ( you could see them here best-toys-gift-ideas-4-year-old-girls (amazon)
    she wants a bicycle, but i think it is early for 4 yr old child

    in reply to: does any one have a cure for psoriasis? #465130

    You can try anti-inflammatory and anti-burn remedies. These are various ointments and lotions on the basis of birch tar, grease, copper sulfate, warm baths with herbs (celandine, string) or salts. Ingredients can be purchased separately and mixed according to the selected prescription, or you can buy ready-made ointment, herbal tea or bath product at the pharmacy. Side effects are usually minimal, but the therapeutic effect is mild. These methods can be applied as additional.

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    thanks for this info, first time hear this

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    @Lifestylepost 634840 wrote:

    lala, if you’re looking for easy ways to save money on groceries you should consider ibotta app (if you have a smartphone)

    thanks for application, will try to find

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    get everything in writing, including when you expect to be paid back – this is really good advice

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    My daughter has long hair also and I take Pantene for her. So could recommend)

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    didn’t try it before, i would be glad if somebody advise the simplest recipe to try

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    Thank for ideas
    Greek Avocado Toast seems to be the most healthy, will try for sure

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)