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    :welcome: Hardman93

    Just dive in and check everything out :045::045:

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    Life has got in the way of my fairy garden. So I hope to get working on it again. I have several pieces to put in but waiting on the table to get done .:069:
    There are so many ideas on Pinterest

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    I have used my electric cooker many times now and I love it. I now would like to get the biggest one that you can, can in.

    For my birthday I got a Air fryer. Love it too. It just take some getting use to no greasy tasting food.


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    Welcome !! I know you will find so many ideas and help

    Again welcome 0live

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    I thought we were getting the heat at 100 but you have us beat. As far as heating the house I do a lot of crockpot cooking on the porch so the
    house stays as cool as possible.

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    :w2:Michelle We sure glad you found and join us. I know you will find pretty much all you could ask for.
    So let me be the first to say Welcome

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    Hi Esperia Glad you decided to come and be apart of the Budget 101 family. :w5:

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    I want to add my Welcome to you too :w2:

    The only advice I can give you on starting a craft type business is make sure you like to do the items you choose as you may be making a lot of them.

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    :5: majorbanjo First let me say Thank You for your Service :great: I am sure you will find pretty much any thing you could ask for here.

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    Welcome budgetsaver This sure is a great place to fine what you are looking for.


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    Reese If you are like me you will find so many post to keep you busy for a looooooog time. :welcome:

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    Hi Christopher Welcome :welcome:

    There is so much to see and enjoy !!!

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    Fried pies
    For the filling I cook the apples in a little water adding sugar to taste.
    When apples are just done still holding their shape I add cinnamon, butter and corn starch mixed with a little water to thicken the apples.
    I should look about like the canned pie filling maybe a little thicker.
    Let cool completely before making pies.

    I make a flour paste (about the consistency of white glue) to brush it around the edgesof the tortillas
    In the small flour tortilla I put about 2 heaping tablespoons of apple mixture. Fold in half and crimp edges with fork.
    Fry in about an inch of shortening. Turning when one side is just brown, It takes less than a half minute to brown on each side
    Drain on rack and sprinkle with powdered sugar while still warm.

    The ones I baked were pretty good too. ( 350* about 10 min.)
    I did spray a little Pam on them before I baked them

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    I started dehydrating a few things several years ago and as time has passed I have experimented with a lot of things. My first dehydrator had no fan just a light. It did ok to play with.

    I got an better one with a fan on top and temperature gauge. It has done very well, but I want to go on a larger scale so I got a 10 tray w/all the bells and whistles.
    I also bought a book on dehydrating besides the ones that came with the dehydrators.

    One thing I can tell you is some things will last a long time vacuum sealed and some others won’t. There is a lot of info here and on to help you.

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    I freeze my flour all the time. I always put the date on the vacuum sealed bags and use the oldest first.
    Making homemade breads and dough’s (bread machine) I can’t say I have had any go bad. I did fine one that had slipped down and missed for 3 years and it was still good.

    It was plain flour so I can’t attest to fact that the leveling agents were still good.
    I freeze cornmeal as well. :great:

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