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      Hi all,

      Mickey, just a suggestion here on your fried rice. *Don’t* cook the
      veggies till soft. Chinese and many other Oriental dishes really
      thrive on the crispier kind of flavors.

      It makes the dish. Also, toss
      a handful of frozen peas in. The eggs should be scrambled into
      the dish *before* the rice, so the components of the dish remain

      If you have a look at my column on Budget101.com,
      you’ll find my recipe for fried rice there…and yes, you can use
      chicken instead of the leftover ham I did in this particular recipe.
      Hope that helps. 🙂

      Kandy, could you share which of the three was the best one?

      Now back to you, Mickey. lol I was hoping someone or several
      would have zucchinis in this year’s garden. I’ll make a point of
      doing Stuffed Syrian Squash (zucchini) in my next column.

      is a real yummy one–and it’s both easy and cheap! lol And now
      I’m wishing I lived next door to you so I could benefit from your
      crop! 🙂

      And finally, to those of you in Arizona especially in the mountains
      around Show Low and Pinetop, my heart is with you. Although I
      admit to struggling with the thought of living in Arizona because
      the heat and dryness just aren’t conducive to my good health
      (and I despite heat!), my family and I spent several wonderful
      vacations in Show Low in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest
      at a cabin there. My children fed the pet deer someone had,
      and we fished in the pond as well as at the lake in Pinetop.

      mourn the loss of that landscape. While I left Arizona behind, I
      have many fond memories of the times we spent in the Show Low
      and Pinetop area, and now, those too are gone. Know that my
      thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Michelle (Y. in upstate NY)

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