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      ZÖP™ Free & Clear is safe for your clothes and safe for the environment.

      * Very Effective
      * 100% eco friendly
      * 100% biodegradable
      * No dyes
      * No fragrances
      * No carcinogens
      * Completely hypoallergenic
      * Not tested on animals
      * 100% recycable bottle

      Ideal for Hotels, Hospitals, Gyms, Restaurants, Daycares, Public Laundry Rooms, etc.

      Please Call or Email to Order or Request a Product Sample:

      Phone: or sales@envirotechint.com

      It contains no dyes or fragrances for those concerned about possible allergenic effects, although even our Pacific Breeze and Alpine Fresh detergents are completely hypoallergenic as well.

      ZÖP™ is 3x concentrated, which means more clean for your buck, and comes packed with powerful stain devouring enzymes.

      In fact, ZÖP™ is not only 100% safe for the environment, but it simply cleans BETTER than anything you’d ever expect of a “green” detergent.

      Color care enzymes chomp away at fuzz pills that can cause colors to dull and whites to gray, making sure that old t-shirt you just can’t bring yourself to throw away stays looking presentable longer.

      Our all natural, hypoallergenic and 100% biodegradable formula contains no carcinogens and no harsh chemicals, such as phosphates or optical brighteners.

      And because we love our pets as much as you do, we guarantee that none of our ingredients or products will ever be tested on animals. If you have a tough stain, ZÖP™ IT UP and ZÖP™ IT OUT with ZÖP™!

      Benefits of ZÖP Detergent
      · Environmentally Responsible

      o We highly encourage you to do your part to Recycle, Recover and keep your ZÖP™ bottle from ending up in a landfill. Not only that, but we put it in a clear, 100% recyclable bottle that lets you know exactly what you’re getting. Who else does that?

      o ZÖP™ is 100% biodegradable, contains no harsh chemicals like phosphates, optical brighteners or borates, and absolutely NO CARCINOGENS! What can we say? We’d like to keep you and our planet around for a while and keep you, your clothes, and while we’re at it, the Earth, clean in the process.
      · Cleans Deeply and Thoroughly

      o Provides a superb level of cleanliness by penetrating deep down into clothing fibers and lifting soils, breaking them down and suspending them to prevent redeposition. In a nutshell, ZÖP™ is like a heat-seeking missile for stains.
      · Protects Color and Prevents Graying

      o Enzymatic action snips away frayed fiber ends that can disperse light and cause colors to appear faded, thereby maintaining bright, vibrant colors. ZÖP™’s proprietary formula combines enzymatic action with enhanced cleaning and anti-redeposition complexes to prevent whites from graying and keep them brilliantly white longer.
      · Enhances Softness

      o ZÖP™ conditions your clothes to keep them teddy bear soft and cuddly, without having to add any fabric softeners. And who wouldn’t want to hug a teddy bear?
      · Prevents Pills

      o Just say NO to pills! ZÖP™ enzymes trim frayed fibers and pills (kind of like split ends and knots) away from your clothes to maintain their overall awesome appearance and cuddly softness.
      · Powerful Stain Fighting Action

      o ZÖP™’s army of all natural enzymes and cleaners work in harmony to munch and scrub away those tough stains. Who needs a bib when you have ZÖP™ in your corner! (Well, some of us should probably keep with the bib. You know who you are! We’re not miracle workers after all).

      Use the Same Detergent at Home Preferred by Many GREEN Dry Cleaners!

      Technical Details


      * Deionized water
      * Oleic acid (anti-foaming agents derived from plants)
      * Alcohol ethoxylates (naturally derived non-ionic surfactants)
      * Cleaning agents (anionic surfactants)
      * Potassium hydroxide (alkalinity builder)
      * Hexylene glycol (emulsifier)
      * Isopropyl alcohol (ionic cleaner)
      * Acrylic acid polymer (dispersant)
      * Alkylpolyglycoside (emulsifier)
      * Amylase
      * Cellulase
      * Mannanase and protease (non-animal derived enzymes).

      Product Information

      * Available ONLY in 50 oz. (1.47L) bottles at participating dry cleaners
      * One ounce = One full load (compare to 2x brands that require 1-1/2 to 2 ounces per load)
      * Suitable for Top Loading, Front Loading and High Efficiency Washing Machines

      ZP Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Sample
      Call or Email to Order or Request a Product Sample

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies ZP Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent Sample for $0 + free shipping