Ziplock Ice Cream

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      Ziplock Ice Cream

      1/2 cup milk

      1 Tbsp sugar

      1/4 tsp vanilla (you can try other flavors)

      Add all ingredients to a pint-size Ziplock freezer bag and zip shut.

      Place that bag in a larger (quart-size or bigger) Ziplock bag. Add ice to fill the bag halfway, plus 6 tablespoons of salt (rock or regular). Zip that one shut.

      Shake, turn, toss and mix the bag. In about 5 or 10 minutes, you will have cold hands and yummy ice cream!

      Note: Don’t try to double this, as it doesn’t seem to work. (Also, be sure you get all of the salt off of the small bag before you open it.)

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      I have made this before, and it works really well! Thanks for sharing!!

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      If you want a healthier version that is even faster try using skim milk and splenda. The ice cream will be done in about 2 minutes, is sweet, half the calories, and totally fat free!

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      What a wonderful idea —-and a fun thing to do w/ the family in the evening….

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      This sounds so fun and easy to make!! Thanks for this great post!!

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      We do this a lot here on our farm in the summer! When we are out working away from the house we pack lunch in a cooler and included the zip lock bags already mixed up. When we are done with lunch we can use the ice to mix up our ice cream dessert. It’s a great treat on a hot day!

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      This is soooo cool It would be fun to try on a summer day with the kids. Thank you

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      Sounds fun and interesting, the hard part would be explaining to everyone how it worked LOL I know my bunch would ask

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