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      yes, you spray it in your mouth. that is the one we use. there are also rapid melt tabs but they are horrible to me and take too long.

      would rather spray and be done. no side effects here from the spray.

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      There is also zicam that is a liquid, right?

      On Dec 19, 2007 8:47 PM, littlejo28602 <BooBoo@conninc.com> wrote:

      There was a huge write up in the local paper a few weeks ago by
      various local Dr’s warning people about using this product. There was
      a list of problems but the main one being the product causing burns or
      ulcers inside the users nose. I work at a local health dept and you
      would not believe the clients we have had come in cause of burns
      inside their noses from this product.

      From the article in the paper, I
      believe the user may have used it more than it is suppose to be used
      or over a longer period of time that that is recommended. Please be
      careful using this.

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