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      Hey everyone. I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother of one, and a homemaker.

      I’m always on the lookout to improve my finances. I found this site through a link that was on a blog. I’m glad to be here!

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      :117: Hi! I’m trying to get all my financial chickens in a row too :081: ok, so It’s supposed to be ducks, but I couldn’t find a smilie.;-)

      There are tons of articles on the site and forums, but if you have questions on anything, jump right in, liss is really good about personally answering questions too.


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      Hello! Welcome to the family!! ^_^

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      Hello from Canada….Glad to meet you!

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      Welcome, your post made me smile, Hope you’re enjoying the site so far. There is a lot of budgeting help and some great ideas here.

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      Lots of good ideas on here! Lots of coupons, freebies and advice too. Welcome!

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      hi, welcome to the site

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      I liked your chicken too cute. A lot of helpful and fun people here too. Looking forward to your future postings.

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