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      Creamy asparagus pasta with sun-dried tomatoes

      Italian vegetable strata

      Mexican Monte Cristo

      Mushroom-chive frittata with goat cheese

      Cinnamon-spiked ham with pineapple-rum glaze, baked potato, and California blend

      Curried fruit and pork stir-fry over rice

      Ham, egg and wilted watercress salad

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      What’s “Mexican Monte Cristo”?

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      Mexican Monte Cristo
      2 eggs
      2 tbs parsley
      1/4 tsp salt
      1/4 tsp pepper
      4 slices sourdough or other firm bread
      4 slices pepper Jack cheese
      1 1/2 tbs butter, divided
      1/2 cup chunky salsa
      Whisk eggs, cilantro, salt and pepper in shallow dish or pie plate. Make two sandwiches with two slices of cheese each. Carefully dip in egg mixture, turning to coat both sides.

      Melt 1 tbs of the butter in large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Cook sandwiches 6 to 8 minutes or until golden brown on both sides, adding remaining 1/2 tbs butter before carefully turning. Serve with salsa and a fork!

      2 servings = about 600 calories.

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      Your menus make me drool! Yummmmmm

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      Thank you! This is an old menu when I had a bit more time to be creative. Lately, I’ve been focusing on trying to get members to be creative on the spot by purchasing only from the mark-down bin.

      It’s kinda tough to remember ingredients in the store when you buy this way. You’ve challenged ME to forget my recipes (most posted here) and come up with something new on the spot! Thanks again!

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      I’ll be drooling over the new menus, I’m sure! Thanks, this really helps me.

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      This sounds really good, will have to try it for a quick lunch this week.

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      Hope that you like it!

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