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      A lot of products out on the market today are targeting the timeless problem that dates back to ancient times, and that is anti-aging. American society has dedicated countless man hours and money to the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery in attempting to aid the wants and desires of the masses. However, the best solution to wrinkles and skin aging is to prevent it and treat it at an early age. If this is not the case for you then another solution is to find ingredients and solutions that work, and not the “next big thing”. One fact about biological aging is that we can slow the process by healthy diets, hydration, and healthy habits. Healthy diets include eating a lot of organic vegetables and fruits because these provide antioxidants in the body and help reverse tissue damage in the skin. Water depletion is another factor to wrinkles and this happens with dehydration which can also cause skin puckering, so it is definitely wise to take in ample amounts of water throughout the day; preferably filtered or spring water. In regards to healthy habits it is evident that habits such as smoking, unprotected and elongated sun exposure can be pretty detrimental to not only your skin but your overall body chemistry. In other words, quit smoking cigarettes and avoid long sun exposure. If you are going to be out in the sun then be sure to use suntan lotion, glasses or even a hat if necessary. Another bad habit is the effects of hot scalding water on the skin; in prolonged hot showers or baths, because this in combination with any harsh soaps will further escalate an existing wrinkle problem. So these are the steps anyone could take to prevent wrinkles or significantly reverse them.

      What about products or creams that can help the skin?

      Well wrinkle creams are a great solution, and especially if they have all natural ingredients, but they still have their limitations when it comes to wrinkle reduction capabilities. To make the matter worse, a lot of creams are competing with each other to be the “next big thing” in order to increase sales, but this doesn’t mean there are real results. Wrinkle creams will soften wrinkles and some will reduce them, but significant wrinkle reduction in a cream is becoming more uncommon as more products launch with false promises. This is why you should do research, because to truly get the most out of skin products you need to have all the facts about the ingredients in them.

      Common ingredients in mostly all wrinkle creams and products are:

      Retinol- It’s an antioxidant and vitamin A complex; products such as Retin-A are the best in this category.

      Coenzyme Q10- nutrients that normalize energy growth in the cell production of your skin.

      Hydroxyl Acids- Many products carry these, especially facial and peel products, and these are the acids that have an exofiliating power to remove top skin layers; or dead skin cells, in order for new ones to develop.

      Copper Peptides- I believe this to be one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients, and you can see that most products that contain them are typically more expensive. They are able to improve your skin’s natural wound healing capabilities and naturally increase the collagen production in the skin, something that collagen injections can not do.

      Wrinkle creams do not work over night either; it is a long process that takes patience and dedication. For the most part, many dermatologists recognize these common ingredients as extremely helpful agents for improving skin texture and reducing wrinkles. In locating the right wrinkle cream always try to either do research or find organic skin care; for example, oils like camelia oil are 100% natural, or ask your dermatologist on the most effective concentrations of the above ingredients that correspond to your condition.

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