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      Wrapping paper usually litters the floor on Christmas Day, and you will often have paper left over after wrapping birthday gifts or anniversary gifts at other times of the year.
      Here’s a creative way to recycle all that surplus gift wrapping paper; you can use it to make beautiful paper bows.
      This is a nice recycling craft idea for the kids to do after Christmas – just give them the supplies and let them make you a stash of gift wrapping bows for the next holiday season.

      left over wrapping paper
      invisible tape such as Scotch Tape
      small piece of cardboard
      optional: small piece of double-sided tape for each bow

      Cut the wrapping paper into strips that are approximately four inches long and 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide. There’s no need to use a ruler to cut each strip, but try to make them all roughly the same.

      Cut a 1½ inch square of thin cardboard (cereal box or food box cardboard works well for this).

      Take a cut strip of wrapping paper and fold it over into a curled loop, with the plain sides together. Bring one end about an 1/8 inch away from the other end and hold in place with a small piece of invisible tape, allowing the tape to extend past both ends about 1/8 inch.

      Stick the first loop down on the cardboard square, centered at the edge of one side. Repeat with three more paper loops, so you have a loop in the middle of each side.

      Take four more loops and stick them down at the corners of the square. At this point, your bow should look like the photo, shown above, at right.

      Continue making paper loops, sticking each one down just in front of, and between two loops from the previous row. The bow will begin to fill in, as shown in the photo, lower right.

      When you get to center of the small square, make a single loop and stick this down right in the middle. Fluff the bow gently with your fingers and it should look like the completed bow shown in our large photo at the top of the page. It is now ready to decorate your next gift package.

      Stick the bow onto a wrapped gift by making a loop of invisible tape with the sticky side out or, if you wish, use a small tab of double-sided tape instead.

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      This is a great way to recycle gift wrap. Now if I can just get everyone to carefully open the gifts so I can make some bows lol. Thanks bunches!

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      LOL I get the wrapping paper when its on clearance the year before and us that since I usually have an overabundance 🙂

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      This is a really great idea for using up all those extra scraps .. the possibilities are endless.. thank you

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      Great idea!! It will keep grandkids busy too!

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      I agree!! I just got wrapping paper on sale last week for 75% OFF already!!!

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      I got some last week too. I have noticed this year that your items like lights, bows, paper, etc. are going on sale at the normal clearance prices.

      It will save me a trip on boxing day 🙂

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      They are now selling Christmas wrap at 50% off at the local dollar store here!!

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