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      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Betty” wrote:


      > My name is Betty, I will turn 60 the end of March. My household

      > consists of myself and two cats, Kitzel and Missie.


      > I am currently working full time for $10 per hour. There are rumors

      > of possible cutbacks. I just started this job the first part of

      > August or 2007 so am feeling a lot a insecurity regarding my job.


      > My house, car, and credit cards are paid in full. The credit cards

      > have no annual fee and are part of my backup plan for emergency

      > expenses.

      > I do not subscribe to any newspaper, magazine or cable or any

      > orgianization that requires dues — I use the internet instead. I


      > dsl(lite) to access internet which is bundled with my landline


      > because the dsl and phone are bundled, my dsl costs me only about


      > a month more than if I would have dial-up.


      > I do have cell phone service that cost me $10 per month. [My


      > niece and nephew had a line they weren’t using and added me to


      > family plan providing I pay for the service for that phone.] Cell

      > phone is currently intended to be used as “safety equipment” so


      > have a few hours per month available to me for calls outside the

      > family plan.


      > I have several hobbies that I enjoy. Expenses for my hobbies


      > less than $15 total per month. I rarely eat at restuarants, less


      > once a month. Several times per year I participate in a ebs

      > meal/gathering [ebs=everybody bring

      > something]


      > the grocery stores in the area i live do not double coupons. in a

      > thirty mile radius from my home, i have only found one store that

      > will honor interent coupons. that store is enough more expensive


      > using coupon there cost more than buying elsewhere without coupon.

      > without double coupons or internet coupons i feel very limited a


      > much i could save using coupons.


      > of the two angle food ministry distribution locations that i know

      > about in minneota, the closest is about 2 hours away, the other is

      > about 3 1/2 hours away. I looked for SHARE program in Minnesota but

      > could not find any locations. I know of a food shelf in town 20


      > from my home. They limit the number of times per year that you can

      > use it. One can only use food shelf 12 times per year. Visits to


      > shelf must be at least a week apart. Don’t want to use it yet as I

      > want to keep my options open in case things get rough later.


      > I have some huge finanical challenges. I have a $12,000 street

      > improvement accessment that has been attached to my property tax. I

      > also have hanging over me the fact that I have to fix my basement

      > walls.[Defect in construction of walls was aggravated by things


      > occurred during street project.– My insurance won’t pay and I


      > prove which of three sources is primary fault so can’t suit to help

      > offset cost of repair.]Last fall the lowest estimate for fixing

      > basement was “at least $10,000, we’ll do good if we keep it under

      > $20,000″


      > Now that I have laid out my situation, I will admit I have been lax

      > on tracking and managing inventory of consumables, food and

      > other,that I have on hand and could do better in that area. I would

      > like to hear suggestions and advise regarding (1)reducing cost and

      > waste of groceries; (2) generating income from at home.


      > Betty (in Minnesota)


      Check out Skype they are supposed to be cheaper and you can run your

      computer on there too.


      Kelly in IL

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