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      Hey, Very interesting. Sounds like some really sound advice!. I was wondering if you knew when the GoodWill half days are.

      Thanks. Shannon

      mem68 wrote: Betty, I would not give up so easily on the street damage problems. I would
      call an engineer not associated w/ the city for a consultation and to see if
      he would go to court w/ you in case you have to sue the city for damages. I
      would ck w/ other home owner ins to evaluate changing policies. None of this
      was your problem but now everyone has laid it
      at your door step to solve!!
      Do you have a Walgreen’s?

      You can buy on sale ,rebates,use their coupons.
      BOGOF, buy lost leaders, buy on sale (stock up),at the grocery stores.Use
      the sales flyers to plan your grocery shopping. Read thes at the library or
      on line.(Sign up for the on line sales papers for the stores that your town
      You can do this slowly to get your pantry stocked.
      Start researching to mk your own cleaning solutions, frugal ways to
      live,container gardening, shop at Goodwill on 1/2 price days. Cook from
      scratch (ex.

      mk 2 meatloafs and cook both and freeze one for the day that
      you are super tired. )Also can mk in muffin tins and freeze. Take leftovers
      to work for breaks and lunch.

      Drink water.Save even the smallest of left
      overs ,freeze in zip lock gallon baggie and then have soup -you can stretch
      soup lots.
      Could you set up payments w/ tax to pay so much /year? $12000 is a lot to
      have addes on to your
      Could you ck w/ some churches to start a Shares or AngelFood Ministeries?
      Others could benefit from this.
      I became a foster parent for babies only after I retired early from

      I loved it.I was needed,loved,no heavy lifting, and finally adopted
      a son who is now 10yo.You have to train to be a foster parent -mine was on
      Tues and Thurs evening for 3 months.
      My area does not have double or triple coupons either but I manage to
      I use sheets from Goodwill to mk napkins (colored),hankies(white).
      You are doing lots of wonderful frugal things already.
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      > My name is Betty, I
      will turn 60 the end of March. My household
      > consists of myself and two cats, Kitzel and Missie.

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