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      The amount it takes depends on the cards. For instance, some $10

      cards are only 1400 points, where as others are 1450 or 1500. $25

      cards are in the 3250 to 3750 point range.

      There are several ways to earn points there. First and foremost, you

      get emails, and you click a link to legit sites. I’m not talking

      about spammy “Get a free xbox 360!” surveys, but things pages like

      magazine sales, Netflix, insurance, etc. And you don’t have to do

      anything more than click the page open. Sometimes, you’ll get more

      points if you sign up for the site, sometimes you get points if you

      do want to order something from the site. Each email is worth 5


      Next, you can earn free points through games they -sometimes- run.

      I’ve only seen them run these games about 4 times since last March.

      The first was in March- a “Pot of Gold” type thing. They did one

      over the summer, one for Back to School, and just recently, one for

      Christmas. Each “game” can be played once per day, and are held over

      the period of a few weeks or a month. Mostly, you don’t win, but

      you’ll occasionally get an added 5 points here or there. If you win

      the jackpot, it’s worth a lot of points, though.

      after that, they run a “sales” area- if you click on the ebay link

      through their page, and then buy something, for instance, you get a

      flat rate of points or points based on the dollar amount spent. they

      have an extensive list of places to shop from, so if you shop online

      at all, these will add up.

      mypoints offers a credit card, for those insterested, and i believe

      you get points when you use it on anything, so for those who don’t

      mind having the debt (or who are disciplined enough to pay it off

      every month), then that’s another way to earn points.

      they are also connected to worldwinner, and if you deposit money

      into a game account there, you earn points based on what you spend.

      you can win money (to me, it’s gambling- you have to spend money in

      order to win money. not condemning it, just telling you), and games

      won are worth more points in your mypoints account, which can add up.

      i’ve done a few of the different ways. my first card took forever to

      earn. i signed up in march, and didn’t cash out until august or

      september, but i saved up for a $25 card my first go-around, because

      there were more choices. Since then, I’ve cashed out for 2 $10

      cards, and have about half of what I need for another $10 card.

      There isn’t an actual conversion of points vs monetary value,

      because the values are so varied between types of cards.

      Prize wise, I’ve only ever seen gift cards offered, but the “games”

      they run from time to time might also have actual prizes that I’ve

      never seen.

      One good thing- the gift cards arrive in around 7-10 business days.

      I was very impressed with how quickly my gift cards arrive from

      there. much faster than netwinner, and about on-target with gather.

      they also have a very extensive list of retailers you can get cards

      from, including:

      shell gas stations

      the gap






      jc pennys




      circuit city

      it’s easy to find a gift card for just about anyone, if you do it

      for gift shopping. i’ve gotten 1 $25 Barnes & Noble card, 1 $10

      Walmart card, and 1 $10 Bath * Body Works card.

      To make my points stretch further for me, I try to find shops on the

      lower end of the point scale, but that doesn’t always work.

      Barnes & NOble is a low end card- 3250 as opposed to 3750 for a $25


      B&BW is.. apparently no longer offered. I don’t see it on there now.

      I want to say they were mid-level, costing 1450 for a $10 card, as

      opposed to 1400 or 1500.

      Walmart is higher level- 1500 for a $10 card.

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Kimmie” wrote:


      > How many points do you need to accumulate to get a gift card? Is


      > a conversion (points vs monetary amount)? I hope that makes sense.


      > Oh, and when you say you’v already recieved prizes from them, are


      > talkng about gift cards or do you receive prizes also?


      > Thank you for any clarification here. 😉


      > ~Kimmie

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