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      I am curious what everyones downfall is on their budgeting? I can do great on clothes for mebut I am terrible with clothes for my 13 year old daughter.

      I think it is because I didnt have nice clothes etc when I was a kid. I also splurge on fruit. I know that sounds silly but I remeber that as a kid alot of FRuits were not in my moms food budget..we recieved food stamps, government cheese etc during the winter because my parents worked construction and there wasnt much work during winter.

      Another bad thing is sports for my daughter….camps, gear, uniforms, shoes etc. I am sure I have spent over $5,000 this year alone on sports for her with elite volleyball and travel (cost $900 team dues just to play not counting hotels, gas shoes etc) She also went to basketball camp at Ganzaga. How do parents with more then 1 kid do it? Around here if you are not doing the camps and elite teams on the off season you will not be playing on a highschool team. She hopes to be playing varsity next year her freshman year. Not only she enjoys it but it keeps her busy so she is not in trouble…

      anyways just curious how if others have “bad budgeting items” or is everyone really good with their budgets?

      I am here to save on little things I wont miss so I dont have to miss the other things I really enjoy so all the little tricks really do help.


      Benton City, WA

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