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      We did the sports thing with the older son but the younger is

      not into sports. He likes cars (now there’s an expensive hobby).

      We are remodeling our garage for him to be able to work on his

      cars and build furniture. (both are very expensive but he is

      good at both). He plans to use the expansion as his wood working

      shop and the remodled part as his car shop (he’s 18 years old

      and about to graduate high school).

      My budget buster is medical costs. It is hard for me to not get

      medication when I know my family needs it. Testing supplies for

      Diabeties are the worst (especially two of us have to test). I

      know that is a weird budget buster but when you pay 175.00 for

      just meds a month (after insurance and sometimes is 205.00) then

      add testing supplies, lancets, alchol pads, cotton balls and

      bandaids (I bleed to much and would take sometimes twenty

      minutes to get it to stop if the lancet is to deep) it is


      I also got nuts a christmas time as well but I plan for it all

      year and put money back each month for my christmas fund. So

      that kind of works out but I still go over.

      Food is another thing that is breaking my actuall monthly

      budget. I love to cook and my family loves to eat so I have to

      be carefull about what I buy and that we will eat and enjoy it

      without killing our glucose levels.

      I do okay with my hobbies on cross stitch as I make alot of my

      own patterns and download free patterns alot. I will buy the

      cross stitch material by the yard and make my own kits. I have

      alot of thread that I have bought over the years so I don’t have

      to keep buying it all the time. I limit myself to 20 skeins a

      month out of my pocket money. (yes we each get pocket money that

      has to cover any outside eating for lunch or hobbies or special

      things that we want for ourselves) books would kill me if I

      didn’t have the pocket money. I save up to buy the more

      expensive ones (usually health and nutrition books).




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