Worst budgeting item..

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      The strips are computer chipped so can’t cut them in half. If

      they even get the slightest bent they won’t work. Got to wash

      your hands before touching them as oil on the hands can cause

      them to not function properly.

      Our co-pay on most drugs is 5.00 and walmart is so far from me I

      would eat up the savings in no time. I have to order some off

      line but I take 11 pills a day (three of them are twice a day 5

      are once) my husband also takes 6 pills a day (one is twice and

      4 are onece a day) it’s the ones that are like Prevacid that are

      killers (40.00 per month) Actos is another (40.00 per month) my

      asthma med is also 40.00 per package (fortuantly I only have to

      buy that once a year and it’s not included in my daily meds.

      Niether is my inhailer its also a 40.00 per inhailer. I have

      checked walmart and they don’t have them any less. My insurance

      company controls the cost.

      My son is going to go to college before he opens a buisness. He

      can’t seem to get it through his thick little head on that one.

      But he is very talented. He builds alot of furniture for me and

      I get alot of complements on them. I get asked who the designer

      is (which is usually me because I know the CAD part of the

      design.) He builds off my drawings and he also makes

      recommendations that are incorporated into the work.

      He is also very mechanically inclined. He is interested in

      Mechanical Engineering which fits into our family like a glove.

      My oldest son is a computer engineer, husband is a STructrural

      engineer and I am a CADD Designer. So enigneering kind of runs

      in the blood for us.

      He is also very good at money and has to be the most frustrating

      person to go shopping with that anyone would ever meet. He is

      the one that stands in the lumber store looking at every 2×4 to

      make sure he is getting the best quality he can (takes him about

      an hour to pick 4 2×4’s. I won’t even tell you how long it takes

      to get plywood or osb boards.

      But thanks for the kind words and the thoughts about saving.

      Unfortunatly diabeties is expensive.


      — mem68 <mildreda@lcs.net> wrote:

      > Donna, have you tried to cut your diabetic stripes into

      > -making 2 stripes?

      > You are to be congradulated on your son! It sounds like he

      > can go into

      > business for himself. Learning crafts for life.

      > Can you get some of your meds at Walmart and some other

      > places on their

      > $4.00/ meds? You can get a list of them from Walmart.

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      > > We did the sports thing with the older son but the younger

      > is

      > > not into sports. He likes cars (now there’s an expensive

      > hobby).

      > > We are remodeling our garage for him to be able to work on

      > his







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