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      I am not going to scrimp on some things for my son. He just earned a trip for the NATIONAL CENTER FOR EARLY ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE thru the University of Va. because of his leadership,personality,grades etc. Voted by his teacher. To be heldat the NC University for a week. He chose CSI to study. He is 10 yo and small for his size. I think this will improve his self esteem more than anything. The cost for the class is $1500.00 ,a motel room, a tracfone etc. but it will also be a vacation for he and I.He is in church,scouts,4 H, and looking at soccer this summer.
      I will cut cost at other places. I have a lady at church sharing her son’s clothes w/my son-when he out grows than I pass on to another family at church.Use coupons for everything that I can. Buy grocery and other items on sale. Got 2 church dress at Goodwill this week.Plan my trips to save on gas. Put out a small garden in the yard. Freeze an can items.Mend clothes to fit.collected pine needles at school and put around the rose bushes, hauled free compost in 5-5 gallon buckets in my car,collect cans to turn in for the money,collected free flowers from a lot that was being filled in w/ dirt, bought Easter Baskets at Toys for Tots for $5, got a new bread maker there w/ instruction book for $5, get free agazines at the library and after reading pass them on,visit garage sales-yesterday got Shrek for $.50. Pay all my bill by bank draft-saving a stamp,gas,time,even if I forget -they are paid,have SS ck direct deposited. try to stay out of the grocery store. thanks

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      I am curious what everyones downfall is on their budgeting? I can do great on clothes for mebut I am terrible with clothes for my 13 year old daughter.
      I think it is because I didnt have nice clothes etc when I was a kid. I also splurge on fruit. I know that sounds silly but I remeber that as a kid alot of FRuits were not in my moms food

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