Worst budgeting item..

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      I agree…keepingher in activities is extremly important to me. As a single parent…(well I guess not technically on my own as her dad does take her on weekends it is convenenient to him…ie no out of town tournaments etc.) But I have my work scheduled so that I can usually beat her home if she is in sports after school so no unattended time …

      She isnt playing spring sports at school..(just club vball and practicing with highschool girls for bball)but is in a cooking class and a newspaper class offered after school this quarter.(FREE!!!)

      My daughter plays for Columbia Juniors in Tri-Cities Washington https://www.columbiajuniors.com/

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      My downfall would have to be the stuff for the kids. Like yesterday I spent $34 on pizzas for my DS club meeting at school. But it won’t kill me, and it makes for good memories for him. So for me, that’s what it’s all about. I guess that would be my reason for saving in other areas.
      I also spend on the kids extra curricular. But I wouldn’t consider NOT having them in – it’s so important for kids to be occupied doing constructive activities. So right now the kids are in softball, beading, reading, science, basketball, archery, art, drama, piano and scouts.

      BTW Tressa, we are a volleyball family too! My DH has coached for years, HS and we both coached Club last winter (took this winter off, just too much to do both with our family situation, plus I have a great dislike for the Club owners). Where does your DD play?

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