Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Worse thing that has happened to you in regards to signing up for freebies?

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      This isn’t too bad, but this is all new to me.

      I received a bill yesterday via snail mail for $20.00 for a magazine subscription that I didn’t sign up for. I know it’s the result of my “freebie sign ups” because it referrenced the email addy I’ve been using for all of this.

      I went to their site and canceled it along with mailing back their bill with “cancel” on it and sending a copy of my canceled web page. Hopefully that takes care of things.

      What’s the worse thing that has happened to you in regards to signing up for freebies?

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      I have gotten something like that before too!! I do the same thing and write cancel. 🙂

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      don’t known
      none of my freebie come

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      :To funny:

      don’t known
      none of my freebie come

      thank you for the laugh for the day!

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      Lots of spam emails…

      but the worst thing had to be an email i got from a new company and they said they had no idea that they would get so many people wanting freebies and they can’t give it to everyone. they made me feel bad because they referenced the “freebie forums” that pass the link around and made it sound like a bad thing! like we were doing something illegal.

      i never sign up for magazine freebies – i know that scam. even the one i’m signed up for legitimately (cosmo) and pay for tries to scam me. this year they re-did my subscription when i didn’t want them too and sent me crediter bills too about it.

      they said i was put on “auto-subscribe” ha!

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      I think all magazines do that. They assume you’ll love their magazine so much you’ll be willing to fork over $20 OR you’ll fork over $20 just to get rid of them. After seeing some of the magazines they have to generate revevue from somewhere.

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      I signed up for free napkins and now i got an e-mail saying i’m receving 3000….I hope this was a typo.

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      Oh my word….If I get bills for all these magazine subscriptions I have I am going to freak. I started doing this freebie stuff only a few months ago but only take the subscriptions that say no credit card ever.

      Also, I got that email your talking about with the pancake mix. They said they were a ma and pa company and that some freebie site got a hold of their website.
      I felt so bad but I really did want to try their product!!! I don’t request samples for things that I am sure I wont use or really don’t want.

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      That is too funny!!!!!! 3000 napkins. Well, it would be safe to say that you wouldn’t have to buy paper towels EVER again

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      Well . . .they are free AND they don’t go bad!!!

      Just – where do you store 3000 napkins?

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      I sign up for magazine freebies all the time and get tons of them without any problems at all. I get womans world, womans day, cosmo, familytime, and about 5 others right now. They will send a “bill”, but you just write cancel and send it back. I also print out the confirmation page to a pdf printer and keep the form in a folder on my desktop from every magazine freebie I send, that way I have proof that the subscription was absolutely FREE.

      As for the ones that whine they got alot of responses, duh. They put a site on the internet hoping thousands will see it, offer something for free and then complain when thousands DO see it?? Um, lemme think, too bad.

      I particularly abhor the ones that send me nasty grams threatening to sue me for linking to their website. I always feel like telling them, “You’re welcome for all the free advertising!”, because those are the ones that had no intention of sending the product out to begin with.

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      I always get the magazine’s no strings attached. The only one that I got a bill from was Readers Digest last year. I called and told them that I never ordered this and would never play in their sweepstakes because I think it a sham.

      The sent me a bill for the cost of the magazine. I sent it back because I felt bad taking something that wasn’t mine in the first place.

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      My wonderful hubby told me a few months ago about some FREE sample of acai pills that this company was sending…..what he didnt tell me was that he had to pay 5.95 for the shipping and handling….no problem…he paid for that outta his own checking account….well he didnt read the fine print…..last week he checked his banking account and noticed that $89 was taken out by that company!!! I checked out the site….it said in the “tiny” print that you had to cancel in 30 days or they would charge. So he got suckered into that….he could return it for 50% of his money back….but I dont know what he is planning on doing…I sure hope he learned his lesson……please yall always read the tiny print!!!

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      I think mine would be the bills for the free magazines. I also mark them cancel and send them back. I got one the other day that said second notice.

      I marked it “second notice to cancel” and sent it back.

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      I have gotten the bills for the magazines but I think that the worst/funniest issue I have gotten was from Enzite. Ok, my dh has no problems in that area but it was for a bachelor party and so we sent for the “free” sample. we were never informed that the first sample of 7 pills was free with shipping but that it came with an automatic subscription for 6 months at over $75 per month!

      We spent days on the phone and e-mail trying to fix that mix up. :021: I can laugh about it now but then it was really annoying because we couldnt even send back the “free” sample cause we gave it to the groom! 😯

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Worse thing that has happened to you in regards to signing up for freebies?