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      How do you handle you handle manage your time being a working mom? My husband and I are having issues lately when it comes to family time. I have become quite busy with my work due to recent promotion and I don’t have really have enough quality time for the family.

      So, my option now is to resign and to put up a business so I can still have a source of income. Unless you have a better idea that you want to suggest 🙂 Going back to the main option which to open a business…I’m thinking of opening a bakeshop or a coffee shop (I have a barista friend) but my I’m not sure if any bank will grant my application for business loan if I’ll be resigning from work. Would you know the process?


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      While it may seem like a good idea to resign from a job and open a business, please reconsider. Running a business will chew up your time just as much, if not more, than your current job. I work from 6 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

      Saturdays are for cooking/shopping/prep work for the week (take hubby/kids with you shopping, stop somewhere and have a quick lunch) and Sundays are my ‘relax and have fun with my Family’ days. If I am prepping food for the week, that means less time is spent cooking, and less time cleaning up after. Crockpots are my friends as they make dinner for you, essentially.

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