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      In late November I signed up online to become an independent AVON Representative. This has been the best paying work at home job I’ve encountered.

      First of all it only takes a $10 investment to begin (for that $10 you get three months of books, order books, sample business cards, and guide books and a mentor to help you get started) For the first 5 Campaigns (Campaigns last 2 weeks) you receive 40% off the customer price – which means that when you have sold your first $40 worth of merchandise you have already gotten back your investment.

      Are there other costs that can eat into your profits? Yes, your shipping costs can increase if you have orders outside of your regular order. You pay your shipping cost on your regular order and a small amount for each customer (about .38).

      You also pay for your business tools and brochures.

      Since November I have had sales over $3,000 which means, I have put $1200 in earnings in my pocket. Now that I am beyond my first five Campaigns my earnings are based on the item sold. And different items have different markups, the number and size of my orders also helps determine the percentage of the customer price that I will retain.

      Currently my discount is at 35%, which is still a very good profit. I put roughly 10% back into my business in the form of business tools and shipping and other related costs. I still make 25% and get to choose my hours!

      The hardest thing about being an Independent Avon Representative is resisting the temptation to stock up on bargains and resell them later for a higher percentage back. avon discourages this, for good reason. if you are investing in an inventory, you will find it difficult to make money in this business.

      the goal is to train representatives and retain them. representatives don’t remain in business if they are not making money.

      i have an avon website and my online orders add to my order counts, but since the customers have direct delivery it takes no time on my part. i will occasionally send an email when there is something i know they use, or an e-card for a birthday or special occasion. my personal website (no cost to me) allows me to do these things easily.

      avon has been a wonderful surprise and i would encourage others to look into the opportunity. jane rodgers (merced, ca)

      avon also has some referrals for retirement savings plan and discount plans health, dental and vision (these are not insurance – but the dental payment schedule isn’t that much different from my husband’s employer based dental insurance co-payments – only about $100 more for a crown) Remember we are paying a pretty hefty monthly fee to participate in my husband’s plan, so actually the charges are quite similar.

      As I’ve become more knowledgeable about AVON, I have started signing up representatives under me. If I take good care of these representatives and they succeed, I am rewarded with Leadership Bonuses. These add a bit more to my earnings.

      Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and I will answer them or find the answer for you.

      I feel truly blessed!

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      Here is a 2 month update on avon with more information, i have now moved up to unit leader with avon and even more sold on avon as means for me to reach my financial goals.

      i am an independent avon representative and a unit leader (that means that there are representatives signed up under me that i mentor and help be successful) this is the face of empowering women. as a teacher i empowered students, now i have the privilege of helping other women become successful and teach them how to make a profit in avon.

      first of all avon costs only $10 and that includes a free website that is open 24/7 for sales to anywhere in your country (I am in the United States) If a minimum order is met by your customers, they can avoid a shipping charge. The items are delivered to their home You can also use your website to hold online jewelery, cosmetic, or fashion parties. AVON also has a support system for representatives who wish to do fundraising for organizations, clubs or churches.

      Who knew you could get so much for just $10?

      What you are purchasing for your $10 is the right to sell avon – there are no territories so you can find customers anywhere. avon has a set of guidelines and policies that govern how you may sell avon. i used to think this was restrictive, but now i understand that if avon’s reputation suffers, my sales suffer and they have every right to impose restrictions that will help me be successful.

      your mentor can help you if you have trouble finding customers or need help understanding how the business works. you also receive campaign booklets for 3 campaigns, discounted shipping while you are a new representative, order books (order books are always free from avon – but brochures cost about sixty cents each – in pkg of ten down to less than twenty cents each for one hundred or more – get to know your team members and split a large book order if you need to economize), free online training, online ordering, and a free website and suite of tools to help you manage your orders, allow customers to order for direct delivery, and helps you stay in contact with your customers. in addition to the appointment kit materials and a personal mentor, you also have access to a number of discounts plans that you pay for health and dental, a retirement investment program, and a way to deposit a portion of your profits in a savings program.

      avon is not a get rich scheme it is a job and like any job it does take an ability to schedule and organize to be successful. i receive orders via facebook, email, text message, phone and face to face. as soon as i get those orders i create an invoice, input the information into the avon ordering system and staple a copy of the invoice to a large bag.

      when products are delivered, (orders are submitted and deliveries received once every two weeks for regular shipments), i take the bag and fill it from the customer invoice, noting any shortages on my official representative order invoice. i usually cal, messagel or text my customers with their total as soon as i fill their orders and request an appointment time to deliver the products.

      these are the duties of the independent sales representative for avon.

      oh, but there is so much more!

      the current minimum order for a representative to receive a discount is $50 per campaign. (that’s 2-3 customers with small orders), however to have your profits exceed your expenses you need to have a campaign order of at least $100. (at that level your discount increases so that you retain more money) avon rewards the mentors of successful representatives with bonuses when their new representatives are successful with monetary bonuses and other incentives to encourage good mentoring.

      as the number of people under you increases, so long as you are successful in mentoring your representatives and meeting your minimum sales goals, you will continue to get bonus checks.

      after a while you are making your minimum required order from your customers, but your income flow from bonuses is steadily growing as well. there are a number of levels of bonuses and rewards, there are people who are just a few years in the business that are making very good money from avon and they are enjoying avon sponsored trips to various resort locations to receive extra training and receive recognition for their success.

      avon is a job, it requires being able to accept rejection from those who aren’t interested, but if you can get past the negatives that any direct sales representative will face and can just enjoy meeting with your customers and mentoring other representatives you can make a great deal more money than a part-time job will pay.

      my husband is my partner in my avon business and we look at avon as something we can do together to assure that we have an income in our senior years. in the meantime, i am helping take care of my dad who had a stroke and lives in another state – i can continue to sell and recruit representatives for avon while i am with dad and my husband takes care of the sales and representatives at home. if he is too busy, the leader directly above me steps in and supports my representatives so that they continue to be successful in my absence.

      this is what it means to empower women (and men are welcome to join, too!)

      feel free to ask me questions through this website.

      if you are interested in becoming a rep, message me privately and we can discuss what the time commitments are and take a look at your situation to see if it will work for you.

      avon is not wishful thinking, but it is a job that can and does work for hundreds of thousands of representatives nationwide.

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      I’m so glad AVON is working for you! 🙂 I use to sell Avon as well and did pretty good but then I moved to a place where I know absolutely no one and sells weren’t so good. 🙁

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      I lost money selling Avon. I always had to buy the promo items, the extra books and the samples and ended up not making my quota of sales. I also sold Tupperware in the day; Mary Kay; Watkins, Fuller Brush and anything else one can think of..

      I just could not make the money that everyone says is out there.

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      I also sell Avon. I’ve been selling since mid February of this year. I haven’t been working my business as hard as I could be and yes, I’ve gone in the hole.

      I haven’t given up though because I know that the potential is out there. I can’t seem to resist buying stuff for my own personal use and at first I went overboard on the supplies because my upline didn’t really tell me what I needed and what I didn’t. I truly believe I can make money with Avon, even without the leadership aspect of it, and will stick it out for a while until I really believe I have tried my best. Please don’t let others stories affect your opinion of Avon.

      It’s a business that has to be worked to be successful. The good thing about it is that if you really want to succeed and work hard to do so, the benefits/profits are wonderful!

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      I too used to sell Avon, but was not able to make money with it. I too had to buy books, plus they would send me product promotions that I didn’t order and would have to mail them back. I wish you ladies luck, this just wasn’t profitable for me.

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